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Too Many People

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Songfacts - Too Many People


Every second 5 people are born and 2 people die, a net gain of 3 people. At this rate, the world population will double every 40 years and would be 12 billion in 40 years, 24 billion in 80 years, and more than 48 billion in 120 years. However the United Nations estimate that world population will stabalize at 12 billion in 120 years, citing that effective family planning will result in a universally low birth rate. Education plays a key role: almost half of the 6 billion people are under age 25.

At the beginning of the second millennium (1000 AD) the world population was 400 million. In 1750 there were about 800 million people in the world. In 1850 there were a billion more, and by 1950, another billion. Then it took just 50 years to double to 6 billion. In another 50 years the world population is expected to be 9 billion, which means that a decrease in growth of the world population is expected.

Only one in ten people lived in cities in 1900. By 1994 the figure had grown to one of every two people, creating megalopolies of millions to tens of millions inhabitants. More than 200 cities have a population of more than a million people. Managing such large cities, and better management of the planet's resources, could become the most difficult problem of this century.

World Population

* 1 billion in 1804

* 2 billion in 1927 (123 years later)

* 3 billion in 1960 (33 years later)

* 4 billion in 1974 (14 years later)

* 5 billion in 1987 (13 years later)

* 6 billion in 1999 (12 years later)

(1999 census)

1. China 1,246,871,951

2. India 1,000,848,550

3. USA 272,639,608

4. Indonesia 216,108,345

5. Brazil 171,853,126

6. Russia 146,393,569

7. Pakistan 138,123,359

8. Bangladesh 127,117,967

9. Japan 126,182,077

10. Nigeria 113,828,587

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I agree wholeheartedly , PF. With all due respect to the Catholic church, cultures , and individual persons that admire large families for whatever reason , they are completely wrong on this . Recycling and green initiatives are a waste of time if these statistics and paradigms hold .

Ultimately , it's simply pure selfishness or delusion to want more children than is feasible, or that the Earth can manage- even if you , personally ,can . I would rather see the West using birth control subversion and propaganda rather than the military - as well as checking it's own house . This is a SERIOUS problem that many , seeing only of their own local situation , don't take too seriously . However , to move to global thinking , this has to be a consideration of the individual family /person first and foremost .

The coming war/conflict/tragedy for resources can only be avoided if we all agree to reasonable holds in this respect .

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Bowie chimed in on the subject in the 60's:

David Bowie - We Are Hungry Men Lyrics


Here is the news

According the latest world population survey

The figures have reached danger point, my god

London 15 million 75 thousand

New York 80 million

Paris 15 million and 30

China 1000 million

Billington-Spa: lots

My studies include suffragy

I formed my own society

To study the power of fecundity

The world will overpopulate

Unless you claim infertility

So who will buy a drink for me, your Messiah


We are not your friends

We don't give a damn for what you're saying

We're here to live our lives

I propose to give the pill

Free of charge to those that feel

That they are not infertible

The crops of few, the cattle gun

There's only one way to linger on

So who will buy a drink for me, your




Achtung, achtung, these are your orders

Anyone found guilty of consuming more than their

allotted amount of air

Will be slaughtered and cremated

One only cubic foot of air is :

I have prepared a document, legalising mass abortion

We will turn a blind eye to infanticide


You don't seem to hear me clear

Do I talk about your sphere?

Let me explain my project dear

Show you how I'll save the world

Or let it die within the year

Why do you look that way at me, your messiah


We are hungry men

We don't give a damn for what you're saying

We're here to eat you

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