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Can people with theses and assignments play?


Awesome - this'll just take a minute:

I have 9000 words of dissertation to reorganise by... tomorrow? Friday? It's harder than it sounds because I'm finding everything VERY unwieldy and disconnected but I need to get this out of the way ASAP so I can start my final essay which is 4000 words on the media coverage of the Battle of Britpop (don'tcha love being able to choose your own essay topics? :grin:) - and due in a week.5 :help:

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So anybody else suffering this month?

I started today, 3 more to go!

I started my Literature Composition course this month and I am dreading the assignments. I can not stand English classes of any sort, even if I maintain a good grade report. Writing 1,000's of words each week on ridiculously written literature is killing me.

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don't you have a summer holiday then Farin? :o

the semester 'break' goes from middle of july until middle of october... if you don't count the six, seven, eight exams and assignments due throughout that time, then I have quite a bit freetime ;)


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'Psychophysics is concerned with describing how an organism uses its sensory systems to detect events in its environment.' Potentially interesting, it's just too much emphasis on the physics rather than the psycho for my liking.

Reminds me a bit of my first wife...I guess I should've studied her more.

Speaking of "psychos" this next one is a "killer!"


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