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Dumbest babies.....ever

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Okay (this barely qualifies as news, but I figured I'd put it here for the funny subject line ::) Who all has heard the 'big news' from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. That's right they're 'ready to have a baby' (hence the subject line)

...Now what I'm waiting for is finding out whether or not they even know how to make a baby. :jester:

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Hey Scott...that is a good question. Perhaps they will buy a book off of Ebay!!

I caught their show on ABC about a month or so ago and I will be honest....I was so totally surprised at Jessica Simpson's singing voice. It was pretty darn good!

In the looks department she is hands down a helluva lot prettier than Brittany Spears or Christine Aguilera. I am sure Nick would agree!

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My theory is this: she's not that dumb. I'm not saying she's not a little ditzy, that's evident. But I do think she hams it up for the cameras. Apparently it fascinates MTV viewers that anyone could confuse fish with chicken. :: Jessica knows incidents like that get people talking, and she also knows viewers turn into fans which turn into $$$$.

So she's dumb, but she's not so dumb. . .

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