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Dear Edna,


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Dear Edna,

Why do you encourage revenge on peoples boss'? And where would you get a cage full of rats? (I don't want to know, yeah, um, friend does...)

Interested and slighty mischeivous.

Johnny, I live in the country so any small wildlife is easy to come by. I of course could never do something like that but I can dream right. She on the other hand could do something like that and I'm not kidding. She wouldn't do it personally she would make her daughter do it.

You would have to know the whole story to know why I feel so hostile toward her. Feeling this hostile toward another person has happened three times in my entire life. She is deliberately making my life hell. She does everything she can think of to make my job as hard as she can. If she could do something to ruin my personal life, I'm sure she would. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

I will be quiting because of her at the end of Dec. and when I do, the proverbial **** will hit the fan. I'm very non aggressive and have allowed it to go on for over a year. I'm the kind of person that just wants to get along. I just wrote a very long post explaining myself so that should tell you something ;)

By the way, you a supervisor? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I will be quiting because of her at the end of Dec.

wow, quiting your job due to a person isn´t rare but it´s not fair at all.... :P I admit I did the same a couple of times... I´d rather be unemployed that bittered...

How do you make the Marijuana butter??

[spoilerq:1]Find out here...[/spoilerq]

[spoilera:1]Melt one pound of butter in a pan. Mix 60-70 (or more grams of thoroughly sifted

pot in it. Let it boil carefully a couple of minutes until the butter has

gotten a green color from the grass. Then squeeze the butter through a fine

strainer. While you use the strain, keep the leaves away in a corner of the

pan by using a spoon. Squeeze hard to get out as much of the butter as possible. Cooking time varies from 10-15 mins to 8 hours at a low simmer.[/spoilera]

Enjoy and God bless you!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Dear Dorky Dork Loving Dork,

You mean Kevin? :shades: He´s too busy now, actually he´s the fortune teller who works with me :cool: he must be dealing with crystal balls and tarot cards to ask all of your questions... :cool:

Johnny, please, you should help us... let´s call this thread "Dear edna, Dear kevin, Dear Johnny..." :cool: I´m not fooling... :P

Marc, no, I didn´t find god, actually I wasn´t even looking for him.. Why? Did he call you asking about me? Tell him I´m fine but don´t give him my number, please... (you know, sometimes he´s a pest... :P )

But I read a line somewhere and I like it, even if it involves God... ;)

Enjoy and God bless you!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Dirty in Decatur, don´t take a shower. Keep eating crackers and listening to whatever you want. Enjoy the present. You´ll have plenty of time to shower. You only live once, you know? :shades:

Enjoy and God bless you!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Dear Wondering in Ohio,

Men!!:doh: The fortune teller tells me you should pay more attention to some other guy who you already know but you still didn´t meet. Meanwhile, have fun with that new friend of yours and don´t try to understand anything, just enjoy... :cool:

So you know, enjoy and God bless you!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Dear Laurie...

Yes, or salami!! :laughing: :bow:

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Dear Edna,

A girl that I've had a bit of a thing for for quite some time has an "unofficial boyfriend" of sorts. Yet the other day she held my hand as we walked to class, and she's been a bit more, er, "huggy" than usual. What does it all mean and why must females be so infuriatingly confusing?

Troubled in Texas

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Tim, that means she likes you a bit... :cool: maybe she´s not sure of the "unofficial" and wants to know if you still feel something for her... yes, we women sometimes are infuriatingly confusing, I admit you´re right, my friend... :P I wish I knew why...

At least, I guess so... what do you think, girls? :shades:

On a second thought, that would mean she likes you, definitely. Maybe she´s trying to make the other guy jealous... but it looks more like she´s giving you a chance. :cool:

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