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  1. He's amazing, ever hear his old band Heatmiser
  2. Danielj


    Generally Speaking, it does'nt work that way, But generalizing you, works better every day You're like a paradox with feelings (sometimes) I told him long ago, Your novelty wears off I warned him long ago, that your novelty wears off. It's no longer your eyes that enchant me, I quit them when they stopped ecaping me Because sometimes when you find what you're looking for, It's too late. I told him long ago, your novelty wears off I warned him long ago, that your novelty wears off. Your softspoken little white lies have evolved. Now they hurt more people than just me! I told him your love wasn't thrown around so lightly. I told him long ago, your novelty wears off I warned him long ago, that your novelty wears off.
  3. To get better, get someone to play rhythm and make your own. So much more exciting and MUCH more challenging.
  4. Is there any local artists that you really like? Here are MySpace URL's for some bands/artists around my hometown. I play in a band with Trevor Howlett now, and we play those 3 songs. www.Myspace.com/trevorhowlett www.myspace.com/soupband Myspace.com/genuhfur www.myspace.com/blowngasketorchestra (I never knew him, he moved away, but if you like instrumental and jazz, he's a genius. I can't get over it. He plays all the instruments and is incredible.) I'll have one up soon, and i'll post it
  5. I don't think they are very good. They sound like the Arcade Fire without vocals. If you are going to do instrumentals, In my popinion it has to be smooth acoustic jazz, something with a lot of abstract sounds like Pat Metheny's stuff, or an amzing rock and roll guitarist. I can see where sme people would like them a lot though.
  6. Jazz Mainly - Specifically Pat Metheny, but I also can't get enough of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Arturo Sandoval and Chic Corea. I don't pass a day without listening to at least 5 Joel Plaskett songs either.
  7. they were pretty funky back in the day, definetly not pure funk, but they had a bit of it. Lately their stuff is nothing funky. I'm talking about Freaky Styley etc Seems as if they like california
  8. I don't know what to call this yet. How long can we last, With adrenaline running high? Our love will fall fast, 'Cause all we ever say is goodbye How long can we live, When our life is a lie? How much can we give, When giving makes us die? What if our friends were dying? What if all our family dies? What if our friends were dying? Are you tough enough to cry? How much could we pray, If all graves were like mine? Think of all the disarray If we were any less inclined. And how much more inspired Could we possibly become? All these people look tired That's why their fingers on the gun Very jazzy lots of modes and riffs beween lines, and a lot of instrumentals
  9. the one in the middle on the left is hot
  10. If I interpret the meaning of "rockism" and "Rockist" correctly:long hair, drugs etc. everything associated with it. I don't believe in any of it, it is bad. You either like/play the music and are good at it or you don't. Long hair doesn't signifie "I'm an amazing drummer/guitarist/singer etc". And people who think it does obviously have no idea what rock and roll is all about.It's about having a good time, and if you like long hair you might have it, but there have been plenty of rock and roll stars with short hair. I have no idea whether this is what you were looking for in this conversation, but ther's my 2 cents.
  11. That's me (My wrist isnt really that skinny, it's the angle ) And these are my pride and joy
  12. I start to forget how rock oriented songfacts is. Here's my top 10: 1. Facing West - Pat Metheny 2. Easter - Steve Rothery (Marillion) 3. Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) 5. All Blues - George Benson 6. West Coast Blues - Wes Montgomery 7. Chords Of Life - Joe Satriani 8. Crossroads - Eric Clapton (Cream) 9. Down By The River - Neil Young 10. Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny Quite a contrast there. . . but that's what music is all about isn't it?
  13. From Battle of the bands to playing the local bar, t opening for a great band to Headlining a show. What is the biggst show you have participated in?
  14. I'd pay 100$ tops. And it would have to be some band that hasn't played together since ages . . . like Zep or floyd
  15. Danielj


    It's 2:19 on the CD player driving down this highway of lonely hearts The envy meter's full on the dashboard, but my patience is running on fumes Seems like so lon ago, no no no, no no no I'm breaking down, Breakin Down, Breakin down I'm breakin down x2 My blood is so hot but I'm so cold the entire road is frozen Slip-slidin my way downtown, my soul barely intact CHORUS: I don't want her back but how could you do this to me? I thought you were a friend x4 It's 2:19 again with my childhood friend sittin next to me I told him "Love's not a word to be thrown around so god damn lightly" He said ramble on so I'll sing that song he's never heard it before Ramble On, Sing My Song, On My Way, Ramble On x2 CHORUS
  16. I realize this may not be for everyone . . . thus the title. But my guess is it transfers from society to society. By the way, people say that the Canadian Dream is "socialism". I built this song on that. I once asked a wise man "What will bring us together?" He answered without much hesitation "Since when have we been falling apart?" I asked another man on the corner . . . no one semed to see him but me. He said "It's only in the winter that I seem to be fed" "It's only the children that ever want to feed me" "It's only the music, that keeps my hopes alive" He said "Boy when you grow up big and strong, I hope the music helps you too" The Canadian Dream, is drivin' away It ain't me at the wheel The Canadian Dream, is driftin away No one noticed but you and me Soldiers, Seperatists. Killers and the priests Psychotics, satanists. We stand on guard for thee. Sons, daughters. Mothers an fathers Get in line yes get in line, we're gonna win the race. The Canadian Dream, is drivin' away We chose our drivers (it's our fault) The Canadian Dream is driftin away. We've got to find a way to bring it back. The man on the corner, well. he's pickin himself up. While the wise man is in the corner too He aint helpin anyone but himself The youth will come together, I know you can count on us. The youth, we'll come together And save ourselves from the early death forseen
  17. I play this in a mid tempo Am, D7, E blues progression with a lot of palm muting. until the chorus which goes from G to Am twice and finally G to F The past tense of love is ever present now Goodbye to my lady, hello to right now The man in the gutter said live for the moment He knows it was worth it somehow Too busy imaginin being a wise man I'm missin' out on what's important I think I need a bed, somewhere to lay my head Or at least a couch where I can crash CHORUS: Live while you're livin, you won't while you're dead Don't go around wastin' all of your time I've got this acoustic guitar and I plan On using it Make every word count and every note heard Sing it so that it'll never leave you Make your mark on this world Or someone will take it away from you CHORUS Don't give in to them baby Don't give in to all the vanity Don't give in to everybody else Don't give in to someone like me CHORUS x2 SECOND TIME SING: Live while you're livin you wont while you're dead Don't go around wastin' all of your time I've got electric guitar at home and I'm gonna let you know it.
  18. I think Strait fom the heart was used for some celtic thing a while back so . .. .
  19. wait. . . . Jammin at The Shannon
  20. Uncle Joe, I'm thinkin Strait Jammin is gonna get it . . . . WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you guys shold fly down and see it.
  21. My friend and I were tasked to put on an event for the betterment of communty spirit blabla. Anyway, we decided to put on a concert for local bands to showcase their talent in. We need a name for this concert ladies and gentlemen, and you songfactors need to help me brainstorm. Details: Shannon Studio is the venue, a REALLY nice new facility we have. We're getting a discount hopefully It's mainly High School students performing. Our town is Port Hawkesbury, PHK for short, the area is called the Strait for short. This is not a heavy metal concert, so i dont want to hear "deathfest" or "overdrive kicks ass fest" Anyways, help me out guys. Dan
  22. I've turned a lottttttt of people on if you know what i mean
  23. A Design For Life is one of their best.
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