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  1. I hope the name of whoever sold the suitcase doesn't get out! And I hope they don't hear about this! That would not be too fun for them! I wonder if buddy who found the stuff is going to keep it. That would be a VERY tough decision. I'm sure a hug beatles fan would but that could add up to millions!!!!
  2. epitemy i believe you mean
  3. um I suppose zakk wylde and black label society would count
  4. I woulnt say that they are better than gnr OR stp. They are great but they are'nt touchin gnr or stp
  5. I definetly don't call Buffalo Springfield a 1 hit wonder. The fact that they have a greatest hits album defeats it. They are absolutely amazing!anything from them
  6. If my brain were a television or radio the #1 1 hit wonder would be Lithium. i don't like any other Nirvana stuff.
  7. Everyone should give a listen to what in my opinion must be one of the greatest if not THE GREATEST collaboration!! "Riding with the King" Eric Clapton & B.B. King!! It is AMAZING :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:
  8. Empty Spaces is by Pink Floyd Yeah stairway is a bit freaky Britney's is'nt worshipping satan...it says "sleep with me i'm not too young"hahahahahahahaha
  9. Of Wolf And Man-Metallica His voice is like technoed
  10. Anyone know of any songs that make sense played backwards?? I found a real good site stairway backwards There are 5-Stairway to heaven -Another One Bites The Dust -Empty Spaces -Hit me Baby 1 more time -forget the name something by the beatles Aby others???
  11. I'd say it'll be good. A bit gory... but good
  12. Thanx a lot But it's too bad my computer sucks cause the dvd didnt work in it
  13. Does anyone have a picture of that school Of Rock Blackboard-Rock Genealogy? I think it would be quite interesting to read in full. I tried pausing the movie but to get the whole thing it was too small to see.
  14. I can't leave without saying that i don't love angus young. He just is'nt as TALENTED as some other guitarists. I can't say anybody rocks harder than he though
  15. Ken, I am afraid that was your worst post I have read!! First of all, Angus Young does'nt have any guitarn solos except at the start of thunderstruck. I agree with the ac/dc stuff you wrote, you know 30+ years and 20+ albums but does that define the best GUITARIST?? in my opinion,angus's version of the duck walk made him famous bottom line #1 SLASH #2 MORELLO #3 zakk wylde IMO
  16. eye of the tiger-survivor sweet child o' mine-guns n' roses immigrant song-led zeppelin
  17. i've always liked 'eye of the tiger' by survivor Sweet Child O' Mine all the way though
  18. U guys should here 'Corky And The Juicepigs' To quote one of their songs "I'm the only gay eskimo, I'm the only one I know, I'm the only gay eskimo, In my tribe I go out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka, But all I want to do is get into his parka CHORUS' Arrogant Worms are good too. Me Like Hockey!!
  19. After reading elvishlucky's post I am going to have to add Bob Dylan
  20. Yeah I uh have cd's by uh all that you listed except Skynyrd. Uh I have launch but i am looking for something that I can just search and listen instead of that radio station thing Thx. anyway though.(I love my youth and my friends and the freedom and the athleticism all but the music)
  21. tie then Slash's Snakepit & Neil Young
  22. #1-Jimi Hendrix #2-Syd Barrett(man this guy would be cool to meet. uh before, he went insane) #3-Slash #4-Eddie Van Halen(if he brought his guitar so i could see some of those riffs) #5-Noel Redding or Mitch Mitchell- I have wondered for a while what it was like being in the shadow of Jimi Hendrix, as the fans see it
  23. good post. Does uh Slash's Snakepit count as solo for Slash?...(after a bit of research) no i guess not ummm NEIL YOUNG- I love Buffalo Springfield and everything about them but man this guy does his thing any time.
  24. My name is Daniel Gillis and I'm 13 years old. I'm from Canada i wish I was about twenty years older than I am because of the music. My problem is that I know there are so many brilliant bands from the 70's -80's era. I was only born in '91 so evidently I missed out. I listen to all the famous old bands out there: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Ramones, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Van Halen. goooood stufff. I know there are other great bands out there that I have never heard because of lack of promotion. I have nowhere to hear it. Please help me out. Some bands that you guys like
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