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  1. Garth Hudson (responding to my own thread haha never though id do that) Not a doubt in my mind anymore. Has anyone else seen The Last Waltz?
  2. I wanted to see them thwe day after my bday in montreal, but i had some friends over and we watched texas chainsaw massacre instead. I tried, but dad thoguht i was joking. it is like 7 hours away ::
  3. Teach your children well. . . i came her expecting to go on about how thas such a great change of genre on Deja Vu and I got "Zeppelin rules" Oh well. . . CROSBY STILLS NASH AND YOUNG RULE
  4. How about Coldplay? David Usher Joel Plaskett Ben HArper Flaming Lips The Killers Wilco I g2g moms mad
  5. I have a live version of changes by yes. "We're gonna continue with a song that Trevor wrote. Trevor's gonna sing yo a song from 90125. This is, a song that is about something we go through so many times every day. So many times. We go through Changes"
  6. Feelings Pump Out Of Me Like Blood Through My Veins As I Try To Understand How Lucky I Am As Our Hands Come Together I Feel Your Warmth I Know That I Love You Every Time We Meet I know I shouldnt worry I hear it from you yourself You Say That You Love Me And It Seems Like You Care But It's 2 In The Morning On Another Sleepless Night And I Lay Wide Awake Forever Thinking How Could A Girl As Amazing As You Ever Say Those Words To Me I Love You I think i'm in love.It's never happened before, but im pretty sure this is it.
  7. Death Everything Is Eventual On The White Cotton Bedspread You Will Realize It Don't Panic If It's Your Time You'll Continue On Somewhere Panic If It's Not Your Time Unless There Is Someone Who Needs You Choose Life If That's The Case Everyone Will Live
  8. Silhouetted on the white brick wall Through green and purple lights If darkness can be beautiful I know this is it's night. Under my breath I whisper I love her so much So glad that she's close to me So glad to feel her touch There are other people all around Dancing without a care But our shadow is the strongest At least I am aware Under My Breath I Whisper I Love Her So Much So Glad That She's Close To Me So Glad To Feel Her Touch As I look at other people I wonder if they feel this way I turn my head back to you now Undescribeable feelings come together In Our Si
  9. I have music, i didnt think youd want it. Intro/Outro switching fast from DCG EE DCG DE VErses D C F then -0-0-3---------- -0-3-3--------- -2-2-2---------- -2-2-2---------- -------------- ------------- chorus goes like this -0----0----0-------------- -0----0----0-------------- -4----6----8-------------- -5----7----9-------------- -3----5----7--------
  10. Without A Doubt In My Mind I would say Joel Plsskett is the best singer songwriter of the new millenium. Check him out.
  11. I wrote this in Cuba, when I was away for a week. You wouldn't believe how much I missed Sara. This song has all my emotions in it, so please some feedback. I flew away from you yesterday To a completely different world It's warmer and more beautiful here But I can't enjoy it at all It's been two full days since you were by my side And I miss you oh so much I'm lying in this so-called paradise Dauydreaming of being with you. . . At Home The Sun Here Reminds Me Of You Brighter Than Anything Else The Sun Here Has Shown Me I Love You More Than Anything Else When I sit and thin
  12. Carl Dixon opened for April Wine last friday and was unbelievable. It was just him and an acoustic guitar, he played a lot of great songs, Pinball Wizard, Here Comes The Sun, Band On The Run and some Eagles too, plus a lot of great original stuff. He's going on tour with The Guess Who soon taking Burton Cummings place. If you have the chance DO NOT MISS IT. www.carldixon.com
  13. April Wine's Jerry Mercer, he is 66 and had a 10 minute drum solo friday night, he was unbelievable. He definetly deserves to be up there. I'm sure anyone who has seen April Wine live ill agree. If hes that good at 66, he must have been something at 30.
  14. Holy Shat he saw the Dark Side Tour :: Your like in my top 30 fav. ppl in the world now.
  15. That song is wonderful, I downloaded A Graham Nash/David Crosby BBC acoustic concert the other day and they play that. It is awesome.
  16. Roger Waters coughs just before the first guitar solo starts in Wish You Were Here
  17. No, the first RHCP was Hillel Slovak, then replaced by Frusciante, Navarro was only on one album, and not nearly their first.
  18. In that new greenday song boulevard of broken dreams (I hate it dont worry) i think they say "I wish a wonderbear would find me" When he really says "I wish someone up there would find me"
  19. I'm talking about riffs galore, lots of nice little sounds, not extremely hard. I don't really like Metallica, but a friend told me Seek And Destroy is a fun song to play, so i tried it and love playing it. Thanks, Dan
  20. Im around edna, just busy..... I'm still with you.
  21. It makes more sense when you listen to the song. It's really good.
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