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    2007 Grammy Thoughts

    I thought the entire Eagles tribute was awful. The Rascal Flatts singer is horrible! Underwood wasn't too bad, but the guy from the Rascal Flatts simply was not up to par. James Blunt was pretty crappy as well. I thought the best performance was the medley of Corrinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer.
  2. Danielj

    Best bands from your hometown

    Straight outta Port Hawkesbury (Pop. 4000) Bobby Cameron (Long John Baldry called him the best new blues guitarist out there or something) www.myspace.com/bobbycameron Soup Once won an award for best young band in Canada www.myspace.com/soupband
  3. Danielj

    Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?

    Tommy Emmanuel!! That's what I'm talking about, the man can do more with one acoustic than 3 other of the "top" guitarists can together
  4. Danielj

    Big Day Out 2007

    Violent Femmes, Muse, Killers, Vines, TOOL, should be a really good time!!!
  5. Danielj

    Best Jam Songs!

    The essence of rock, jazz, blues, and many other genres of music is the JAM! My favorite part of music, is just getting a groove going and playing what fits. At school we have coffee houses where people and their bands can play. Me and a couple other guys just get up and play whatever songs we know, and jam them out. Problem is, we're burning ou the song quickly, so we need ideas. For those of you who don't know, a jamming on a song (I know the word is clichéd, but it really is correct) is just taking it and improvising over the chord progression, really a lot of fun, spontaneous soloing. Classic jam examples: - Everything by the Grateful Dead and Allman Bros pretty much. - Down by the river, Cowgirl in the sand etc. By Neil Young - Anything live from Led Zeppelin - Herbie Hancock
  6. Danielj

    Would Rock be better off if Mtv never existed?

    MTV Mighta been good back in the day, I couldn't tell you, but they now have shows that seriously have NOTHING to do with music. First they went from all music, then to shows that feature some musicians, and now none. Date MY Mom, Room Raiders . . . What is that. but Pimp My Ride and Cribs I am down with, those shows are sweet
  7. Of course it is! If you come across a bad one, throw it out, but there is no limit to the number of great albums you can own.
  8. Danielj

    My top 10 favorite Christmas songs

    1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Barra McNeils 2. White Christmas - Bing Crosby 3. Silver Bells - Oscar Peterson 4. Elf's Lament - Barenaked Ladies 5. River - Joni Mitchell 6. Do You hear What I Hear - Bing Crosby 7. Auld Lang Syne - ANYONE 8. Deck The Stills - Barenaked Ladies 9. Merry Christmas (I don't Wanna Fight) - Ramones 10. Fairytale of New York - Pogues
  9. Danielj

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    Chameleon by Herbie Hancock... Nothing beats funk bass. I also like Gumbo Variations by Zappa
  10. Danielj

    Zeppelin Phase

    Around last summer I think .. . . Not 100% sure. But I am completely out of it now, I hardly ewver listen to them, although I do enjoy most of it when I hear it.
  11. Danielj

    Holiday Music Lyrics

    Barenaked Ladies Elf's Lament Lyrics I'm a man of reason, and they say "'Tis the season to be jolly" But it's folly when you volley for position Never in existence has there been such a resistance To ideas meant to free us If you could see us, then you'd listen Toiling through the ages, making toys on garnished wages There's no union We're only through when we outdo the competition I make toys, but I've got aspirations Make some noise Use your imagination Girls and boys, before you wish for what you wish for There's a list for who's been Naughty or nice, but consider the price to an elf A full indentured servitude can reflect on one's attitude But that silly red hat just makes the fat man look outrageous Absurd though it may seem, you know, I've heard there's even been illegal doping And though we're coping, I just hope it's not contagious You try to start a movement, and you think you see improvement But when thrown into the moment, we just don't seem so courageous I make toys, but I've got aspirations Make some noise Use your imagination Girls and boys, before you wish for what you wish for There's a list for who's been Naughty or nice, but consider the price to an elf You look at yourself You're an elf And the shelf is just filled with disappointing memories Trends come and go, and your friends wanna know why you aren't just happy making crappy little gizmos Every kid knows they'll just throw this stuff away We're used to repetition, so we drew up a petition We, the undersigned, feel undermined Let's redefine "employment" We know that we've got leverage, so we'll hand the fat man a beverage And sit back while we attack the utter lack of our enjoyment It may be tough to swallow, but our threats are far from hollow He may thunder, but if he blunders, he may wonder where the toys went I make toys, but I've got aspirations Make some noise Use your imagination Girls and boys, before you wish for what you wish for There's a list for who's been Naughty or nice, but consider the price Naughty or nice, but consider the price Naughty or nice, but consider the price to an elf.
  12. Danielj

    The future looks bleak

    Every morning I kneel down in my bedroom I kneel down and pray For humanity, society, sanity, no profanity, no vanity, only equality There are still wars all around me, and The sky is always gray But maybe today will be different, maybe I'll look to the east But no matter which way I put it, the future looks bleak I spent my whole life searching for color When it was right in front of me If you'd just spoken up, or showed up, blown up or caught my attention I could have been saved, but Now it's too late for me But maybe today will be different, maybe I'll look to the east But no matter which way I put it, the future looks bleak I saw a light in your eye Like New York City From the sky And I told you not to cry That everyone dies That it was just my time Today wasn't different, even from the east No matter which way I put it, The future is bleak I guess I'll never seen the color I'll only seen the gray I guess I'll never seen the color I'll only seen the gray
  13. Danielj

    Politically Incorrect...

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=U3RjiVcIlhY The difference between Chris Rock and this Michael Richards act was that Chris actually makes funny jokes. Michael Richards was directly calling two or three men n*****s, who had been heckling him. It was absolutely uncalled for.
  14. Danielj

    Steel and Wood

    This is a poem I did for English class, not a song. We wrote random "Freefall entries" every second day and in the end we wrote some prose about a common topic found in the entries. Mine was about guitars mainly. . . . I wasn't very eloquent in the original entries so I had to spice it up. STEEL AND WOOD Silverleaf maple sustains the note so long The note from the steel strings The note that makes me strong Some will join the working class Some the office life The rosewood is the only place for me Be it here or in Yellowknife The Melody, The Harmony The Rhapsody, The Liberty It follows me, It teaches me It embodies me, It becomes me My dreams can now be heard by all With music I will never fall
  15. Danielj


    Yeah they're a solid band. They probably wouldn't have been above average in the 70's, but no one plays like that anymore, so it's almost like something new. . . even though the style is old. They could be called oxymoron.
  16. Danielj

    Of Holy Grails and womyns...

    I've got Take Five
  17. Danielj

    Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?

    Clapton created as many groundbreaking and memorable songs as hendrix. Eric Johnson did. Michael Hedges was the most groundbreaking. Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery. We're really arguing over nothing here haha, it's my opinion, and I used to think hendrix was the best too, I just developped and found new guitarists.
  18. Danielj

    Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?

    Don't talk to me like I don't know what I'm talking about, even mentioning Yngwie is an insult to Hendrix. I know that guitar isn't only about scales and technical ability, but say what you want, it is an element of the whole package. Keep exploring new genres and artists, and you'll find people with as much soul, character, creativity, and as much or more skill. Jimi was a great, THE pioneer of the electric guiitar after Charlie Christian, but there are better guitarists and musicians. [q]You can play scales or the guitar. Jimi did the latter like none other The amazing people are the ones who do both, it opens doors you never thought existed. And don't say Jimi didn't know boundaries, because he rarely left that one scale of his. I love his music, he's amazing, but not the most amazing.
  19. Danielj

    Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?

    The Jimi Hendrix legend was so blown out of proportion by the media and everything. Sure he was good, and he wrote entertaining songs, and he played with a passion, but there are people who play like that, and are a thousand times better technically. He was one of the most creative with the minor pentatonic scale, and maybe if he lived and found some more scales he would have been the best, but he didn't :
  20. Joel Plasketttttttt TRAGICALLY HIP
  21. Danielj

    Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?

    The best guitar players. . . . quite the question really. As a serious guitar player, I find it hard to categorize best. I will include Creativity, Technical Ablility, Originality, Tone, versatility, and soul. Pat Metheny Jazz guitarist extraordinaire. He has explored all possible realms of jazz, and has blistered around the fretboard through all of it. Dark and slow, Upbeat and epic, jazz standard, to rock fusion to Concept. His licks and solos are always memorable, as are his compositions, his tone and style are completely unique, and once you hear Pat, you know it's him. He is the first man to ever play a 42 string harp guitar, and master it while at it. Michael Hedges Moving on to the acoustic guitar. He reinvented it. Through the use of alternate tunings, exposive harmonics, percussive elements, and two handed techniques, he created music like NO ONE ever before him did. His compositions are melodic and souldful and entertaining, and incredible hard to play. Eric Johnson Some people classify Eric Johnson along with other 'guitar legends' like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, john Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen etc. as a shredder without soul, but they are absolutely wrong. Yes he can play at blistering speeds, but it is the quality of his licks that seperate him. he incorporates jazz and blues into his music, and in his solos incorporates as many low notes as possible while still playing in the higher register to give his solos more depth. A rockers dream. Eric Clapton When I listen to clapton I just think "In the context of that song, could anyone have played something that sounded better than that?" The answer is usually no. He just knows Wes Montgomery To solo over the chord changes he does is incredible. Everything he plays is incredible. It's the most intelligent guitar playing I have ever heard. He knows his fretboard.
  22. Danielj

    Good Rap Artists

    K-OS FO SHO THUGS No, but K-Os is awesome.everyone would like most of his songs i think.
  23. Danielj

    jazz discussion thread

    Will do.
  24. Danielj

    Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    I have to disagree with the "Listen to the first track" summary. Yes, it is absolutely incredible and beautiful and emotional, but the rest of the album is very different from the title track. Listen to the whole album!!!
  25. Danielj

    Heart of Gold

    Good to see ya, I loved the movie too, he's really still got it.