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  1. Sorry to bring up the 5-1, Farin. We haven't had much success recently and that game just seems to stand out. Lehmans or Kahn?
  2. A good thing. My question is, why would any self-respecting philosopher want to sneak up behind her to find out?
  3. World Cup-Oktoberfest... hmmmm.... where's the similarity? Our German friends will be happy to know that Wayne Rooney has broken his big toe, and is likely to be out. Michael Owen is in the squad though... odd, the figures 5-1 spring to mind... lol
  4. Is the secret of a good marriage to keep the little woman happy (excuse patronism...)? I think so. Keep it up!!! lol
  5. And Yoko Ono does sh*t in the woods!
  6. I'm no muppet and no brain sturgeon either, but the logic is beginning to blur for me too. Its sounding more and more like an invention of critics to describe something intangible and add justification to their existence... Do we really need more critics in this world?
  7. This term 'rockist' - is it something you have invented, or does it have a recognised definition somewhere? Apologies if it does and has been explained elsewhere in this topic.
  8. A lot must depend upon the taste and experience of the critic. From the list above I suspect the average pompous English critic would give credence only to AC/DC and Beastie Boys, the other three being examples of stadium rock at its most benign. I suspect one or two here may disagree...
  9. Who could forget the unbridled joy in teenage faces when locked in an arm-swinging chain with knees bent to the heavy, heavy monster sound... Were they the same discos that always played 'Three Times a Lady' as the last song, giving those of us with no confidence the opportunity to move in a circle clutching the ass of our intended grope...? I can't remember anybody disliking 'Too Much Too Young', mind...
  10. Knowing nothing of Kevin's better half's horticultural habits, I really couldn't say...
  11. No, it makes sense - when the mole pops up it is invariably via a mucky hole...
  12. I've only read a bit of this, but I do understand Kevin's point... What he is saying is that if one over-anal(emphasis on the 'anal')ises a piece of music and finds a flaw, the pleasure in that piece is diminished to a degree totally out of proportion to the flaw itself. The comparison with the wife and mole is spurious however, as that is nothing a bit of boiling water and a shovel would sort out...
  13. What he said^.... Plus, no Kirsty Allsopp? Regards
  14. How come whenever Green Day are mentioned here, a debate about whether they are 'punk' always starts. This bunch of eye-lined speed-freaks promote more discussion than STH v Freebird! I haven't heard this particular song, but would be suprised if it didn't a Stiff Little Fingers riff like all the rest... lol
  15. Good to see a dark horse with your knowledge of UK music here - reminds me of somebody else... lol Regards
  16. If anybody out there is wanting to hear one all time classic album from Pulp, may I recommed 'His 'n' Hers' as IMO one of the best albums to come from the 1980s full stop. Regards
  17. I hope she makes a recovery, and whatever is causing it ceases to be an issue. As a friend you must feel so helpless in this situation... Regards
  18. Where did The Smiths come into this? There is a connection in Reel Around The Fountain and other songs of the 1st album... Regards
  19. Empathy I hope. To have 'emphasis' as one's middle name would only confuse.... Top'o the mornin' to you too, lady! Regards
  20. Empathy is my middle name, Gisela... Regards
  21. I can emphasise with Farin. As a kid I lived in Germany (Gutersloh). We moved to a house in November and didn't realise we had a back garden until March... Its all relative though IMO. The colder it gets in winter, the better prepared people tend to be... I was in China once when the temperature dipped below minus 30, and I didn't hear anybody complaining... actually the might have been but I wouldn't have understood... The Chinese used it as an opportunity to employ people as ice-breakers - gangs would be set onto streets with metal spikes, picks and sledgehammers to break it all up. I can't imagine for a second us Westerners agreeing to do that job for the greater good! Regards
  22. I like a young filly with spunk!!! No Batman, Gisela!!! Regards
  23. Rhys Evans would be good.... Regards
  24. BF - I bet you have waited years to use that one! Of course, it explains why fish can run all day in nylon... Regards
  25. Are those teeth airbrushed? LOL Regards
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