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  1. In "The Music Must Change" off of Who Are You, you can hear someone walking around in the studio as well as one of Keith's pedals squeeking.
  2. I like "Under Preasure" with David Bowie.
  3. Top 20%....There were a lot of questions I may have know the answer to if I lived in the UK...
  4. Everything I know about GWAR, I learned from Beavis & Butthead!
  5. Thanks Cosmo! Again, I was making an attempt at humor which, evidently, does not translate well on a thread. Oh well. I like the way you describe stuff to me, even though it makes me feel like grandpa!
  6. I like the sound of Rodger Daltrey's voice over Robert Plant's. They both still sound great today, though.
  7. Hey,,,is that CD's avatar on the right......Windy, I am glad to hear its not the "Big C."
  8. I am being a smart a**. I thought this board was to talk about new bands. I have liked REM for years and saw them when Murmur came out.
  9. This REM of which you speak,,,,are they a new band?
  10. Our first dance was a song by Tom Waits called "Little Trip To Heaven (On the Wings of your Love)." A very romantic song off of the album Closing Time. If you have not heard Tom Waits sing before, you may want to listen to it together since he kinda has that drinks a lot, smokes a lot cocktail lounge singer voice that I love so much, but others are not so fond of. Here are the lyrics: Little trip to heaven on the wings of your love Banana moon is shining in the sky I feel like I'm in heaven when you're with me I know that I'm in heaven when you smile Though we're stuck here on the ground I got something that I've found, and it's you I don't need to take no trip to outer space All I have to do is look in your face And before I know it I'm in orbit around you Thanking my lucky stars that I found you When I see your constellation, you're my inspiration And it's you You're my North Star when I'm lost and feeling blue You're my sun that's breaking through, it's true And all the other stars seem dim around you I thank my lucky stars that I found you When I see your smilin' face I know nothing' gonna take your place And it's you, and it's you, and it's you, and it's you, and it's you, and it's you Scoobidy do wah....
  11. "There was a boy in my middle school named Norah. His name was pronounced Noah, but the r was silent." Maybe his parents had a speach impediment.....
  12. Its the album cover to "Los Angeles" by X.
  13. I cant believe I forgot to mention David Bowie. Saw his "I'm never gonna play these old songs again" tour at Dodger Stadium.
  14. That whole album with different pop stars singing with Frank Sinatra was a weird concept, but my weirdest duo would have to be David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy." I get uncomfortable just watching the video...
  15. The Beatles and The Who were the two first bands I really liked. I got into The Beatles after seeing "Beatlemania" when I was about 8 or 9. I have loved them since. The Who came into the picture after I heard my brother's copy of "Who's Next?" at about 10. That album STILL rocks hard and is one of my all time favorites.
  16. The Who (2X) The Clash T-Bone Burnett REM Eric Clapton (w/Phil Collins drumming) Robert Cray Elvis Costello (4X) Neil Young Seal X (7X) Black Flag (2x) Janes Addiction The Dickies Oingo Boingo (3X) Pete Townshend Solo for White City John Entwistle Solo at The House Of Blues (LA) Lots of jazz Thats all I can remember for now.
  17. MarcM


    I saw it when it first came out. I liked it. Especially the part about the old guys stuff she finds.
  18. MarcM

    All Smiles

    I play the imaginary bongos too! But I have to put on my imaginary beatnik beret first,,,,,
  19. The DMB has been dumping crap on people ever since their first cd came out.
  20. No, I think it's Sing Sing Sing being described. http://www.rienzihills.com/SING/singsingsing.htm The version on this web site sounds like it was recorded outside of a mall Wurlitzer Outlet, but you get the idea. There is a biography of Benny Goodman called Swing Swing Swing, though. Also a video about Gene Krupa shares that title.
  21. MarcM

    All Smiles

    The facial expression does it for me! Very serious business, indeed....
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