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  1. All I'm saying is Blink 182 is better than the boy bands. I was hoping for something like a 'group hate thread' for the boy bands. Thought everyone could get behind that idea. I don't like the girl groups either, Salt and Pepa, Spice Girls, Destiny's Child. Anyone?
  2. Why Blink 182, at least those boys write their own music and play instruments and stuff like that. I hate the boy bands, the Back Sync Boys, which includes everyone starting with New Kids on the Block.
  3. Dark Side was my first Pink Floyd album then The Wall then Wish You Were Here then The Final Cut and finally A Momemtary Lapse of Reason in the order of when I bought them not when they came out. I have listened to some of their earlier stuff and haven't liked it all that much. Their later stuff like The Final Cut and A Momemtary Lapse of Reason seems to get overlooked as well although I really like it. I put A Momemtary Lapse of Reason in the player while I'm writing this. I know Waters isn't on the CD but I still like it. Syd Barrett wasn't on Dark Side either. The vinyl, di
  4. The Kieth Moon comment would make more sense if it was spelled Lead Zeppelin. A zeppelin is a blimp that has internal supports. They are also typically larger than blimps. An internally-supported oversize blimp made out of lead wouldn't go over very well at all.
  5. Stone Temple Pilots Oasis Smashing Pumpkins Foo Fighters -- in my opinion, much better than Dave's other band
  6. Musik, I don't know what happened to Deisel. Space Hog only had the one song that I liked. If you hadn't listed "Counting Blue Cars" I would have. It's like with Don McClean, "Day the music died" is one of my favorite songs. I can't even listen to some of his other stuff, Vincent for example. Did inspiration only strike once? What about a group called David and David? I have one of their CD's and almost every song is good, then nothing new. And the Lloyd Cole you mentioned, my favorite by him is "Downtown", what was the problem? Was he popular in England but not in America, like Cliff
  7. Enya for women Bono for men
  8. "Hot Summmer Night in Sausalito" by Diesel "Connected" by Stereo MC's "Ready to Go" by Republica "Battle Flag" by the Low Fidelity All Stars "In the Meantime" by Spacehog "Flood" by Jars of Clay
  9. I like the intro to the song "Little Guitars" by Van Halen on Diver Down.
  10. I scanned some CD covers for the 'cover art' thread, put them on a CD and brought it to work. Now I can't get the pictures to show up in my message. The image command would seem like the logical choice but it didn't work. Some help please.
  11. Rush Beatles Pink Floyd Genesis Linkin Park Stone Temple Pilots Cure Led Zeppelin Van Halen U2
  12. Could have to do with Orwell's book also
  13. Hendrix had his career and life ended by drugs. That's quite an 'influence'.
  14. Stone's "Gimme Shelter" or "Sympathy for the Devil" Of course they have many other good songs, those are just my two favorites, but something by the Rolling Stones would have to be included.
  15. Dave, no one "eased the seat back" quite like Dave but now "he's unemployed" and "his folks arn't overjoyed"
  16. Thanks, I always wondered who Waters was talking about. And she sang about the ending of the war and coming home something his father never did. Very interesting.
  17. According to last month's Songfacts quiz a British artist named Vera Lynn was the first to top the US charts. She did so in 1952. Is this the same Vera Lynn that Pink Floyd was singing about on The Wall with the line "Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn Remember how we said we would meet again some sunny day" ??
  18. Any soundtrack from those John Hughes movies in the 80's. Pretty in Pink is the only one I own. The movies were about high school, and I was in high school at the time. Less than Zero The Saint, if you like that type of music, Orbital, Moby, Chemical Brothers, Sneaker Pimps Stewart Copeland did the music for the TV show "The Equalizer" which I enjoyed. For me, he's second only to Neil Peart in terms of drummers. Orgy, Poe, the Cranberries, Goo Goo Dolls, Crystal Method, Depeche Mode, and Michelle Branch have all appeared on the tv show Charmed. I know, the show is kind of stupi
  19. Apparently, Catherine has access to portions of my personal 'play-list' from the past few days. She listed 14 songs, 7 of which I've listened to during the past week. STP, Zeppelin, Floyd, Rush and the Moody Blues were all from CD's. Baker Street and Dream Weaver were MP3's leftover from the good old days with Napster. Very weird. Anyway, yeah, "Nights in White Satin" would be at the top of my list. "Baker Street" would also make the list. For Zeppelin I would have picked "Going to California" and for Floyd, "Us and Them". Some others would be: The Beatles, "The long and winding r
  20. I thought it was money in the briefcase. The band-aid, I didn't even notice. The girl who said, "I was in complete amazement at this film. I still don't know exactly why" has a point. Exactly being the key word. My first thought was of course the dialogue. No one writes it better than Tarrintino. In Jackie Brown, it appears to me at times like the plot exists just to explain why these people are talking to each other. But there is so much more to the movie. The contrasting images are put together so well you don't even notice how a man is being tortured while "Stuck in the Middle" play
  21. A couple of ideas. I dated a guy once who actually had a romantic 'mix' that he had put together. Remember the double headphone scene in About Last Night, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore. It was something like that. I ended up not liking the guy but that had more to do with his peronality than his music. Til Tuesday's "Coming up close" is probably the most romantic song I have ever heard. Another one he got from a movie, the Thompson Twins' "If you were here" it's from the final scene in "Sixteeen Candles." One I really like is Genesis' "Follow you, follow me." Moby's "porcelain" also works.
  22. In the Light In the Evening Thank You
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