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  1. GG, perhaps give Joe the benefit of the doubt here - though we could all try just a little bit harder to be welcoming.
  2. How could he have been alive from 4-2 BC? Granted, I'm not a biblical scholar.
  3. So apparently a 65 run deficit is possible to erase?
  4. Chris Cornell is way, way too good for that band.
  5. Um...Stephen Stills is from Lancaster?
  6. Marc, everything in South Carolina between Columbia and the coast is like Sumter. Columbia and northwest of it are much more city-like - Greenville, Rock Hill, and then Charlotte is just over the border. That's the area where I live, and we're in the south but not all that southern, I guess. For what it's worth...
  7. Ghost Hunters is the business, so long as Jay, Grant and Steve are the hunters. I can't stand Brian or Andy Andrews. Bastards.
  8. Here's a good easy one, but I don't know what you'd call it. "Meat Wheels". How about that? Get some flank steak, chopped spinach and feta cheese. You'll want to sort of blend, by hand, the feta so it gets sort of pasty. Spread a bit of feta on each piece of steak, over the entire length. Then take the spinach and put it on top of the feta. Roll them up, pin them with a toothpick and stick them in the oven for maybe 15 minutes on about 400. When they're done you should eat them. I'm not much of a cook.
  9. Agree with "Once" and "Fantasia", and will add "A Hard Day's Night" and "Moulin Rouge!". Sorry. I like that movie.
  10. I'd also like to know if there was any connection between the TV producer and the Widmore dude. Mr. Widmore seems only interested in the island because of the financial implications of what can be found there. And why $3.2 million??
  11. Here's a random thought, and I'm sorry that it involves Nikki & Paulo. Remember them? Anyhoo... They stole $8 million in diamonds from a TV producer in Australia. They then, of course, were on flight 815. As we all remember they were buried alive mistakenly, and Sawyer dumped the diamonds in the grave. Earlier Sawyer had found a walkie-talkie in their tent. Where did that come from? In last night's episode, it was questioned how Ben could come up with the $3.2 million to pay off the psychic dude. Said psychic dude called him "extremely resourceful", or something to that effect. Is
  12. They just stuck a sort of "reprise" of "Breathe" on at the end of "Time", so it was intentional.
  13. I'd much rather be around lovely-smelling hair than perfume.
  14. Yes, "The Alphabet Of Nations" - "Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, France, The Gambia..." I used to have it memorized, when my daughter listened to it daily.
  15. The album "Here Come The ABC's!" is awesome. Sure, it's for kids, but I love it...
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