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  1. Brand new flipping rocks. I'm not much into emo bands, but brand new has a great sound. I love "okay I believe you, but my tommy gun dosent"
  2. This guy is simply amazing, amazing. I recently heard him while traveling with my girlfriends sister up to Niagra Falls. He has a new album out called Illionoise which has gotten rave reviews.If you are into anything with a folk music sound you will absoultly fall in love with Sufjan. He plays like 30 different insturments on Illionoise. Yes, HE plays them. Reccomended songs- -Chicago -Casimir Pulaski day -For the windows in paradise Check him out, you wont be dissapointed
  3. Didnt Billy Joel say earlier this year he was retiring from live concerts or somthing like that.
  4. Thats the conclusion my college humanities class came too.
  5. ashlee simpson is the portrait of all thats wrong with music these days. Not specifically taliking about SNL. How is it possible that she topped the charts earlier this year with that voice! No lyrical talent, and no musical talent. Only reason shes famous is because of her name.
  6. I dont nessasarily think that this idea is confined to only music. I believe art in general thrives under conditions where the outlook on live is bleak. For example consider the reformation and the great painters and musical composers that came out of this period. Slash hit the nail on the head
  7. This thread dosent concern the greatest or best band of all time, but more along the lines of what band has touched you personally throughout your life? Personally Alice in Chains is the most influential band in my life. Looking deeply into thier lyrics, and how Staley hated the addiction he was hooked on but couldn't stop. The way the music flowed ,and corresponding lyrics, seemed to instil this feeling. After the unfortunate calamities that became of him i took his music to heart and forced myself to quit my own addictions.
  8. 1)Dave Matthews Band- if you havent heard any of thier live stuff i highly, highly suggest it. awsome live band. 2)The Doors 3)Pink Floyd
  9. Nutshell- Alice in Chains( one of my all time favorites)
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