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  1. hhhmmmm i've never even watched desperate houswives.
  2. down at the park by the foo fighters completely forgot bout this song till just recently and i still love it.
  3. Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham I love National Lampoon's Vacation.
  4. Fast and Furious 4 5 out of 10 Not for lack of story but lack of racing.
  5. Do the Macarena. WWYD if you just finished and looked over to find there was no toilet paper?
  6. Good news either way because he will be making new music.
  7. I've got to agree with the post that started this whole thread and say Freddie Mercury. I can't think of another singer who was as unafraid to test his voice with so many different types of vocals (and pull them all off).
  8. Show them the pictures. WWYD if you really did find yourself at school (or work) naked and realized it wasn't a dream?
  9. Grab em by the balls. What would you do if I slapped you in the face?
  10. Ask her if she had a twin sister. What would you do if Maury Povich told you, "You are not the father?"
  11. I honestly don't know what Spinal Tap would be without the big effects and jokes. It's always been one of my favorite movies. I would definitely want to give them a chance at going unplugged. Who knows, it might even make the satire in the songs more noticable.
  12. in my opinion music should always be the foundation. there's nothing wrong with getting paid for your passion, but to go into it specifically for the money constitutes a sellout to me.
  13. probably the biggest hit I can think of is Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  14. Beef fajitas that were supposed to be for my bday party this weekend. My wife went to Wal Mart so I figure I got a good 2 hours.
  15. The line between selling out and "cashing in" is so thin. There will always be those that don't even try to pretend like they're in it for the music and not the money and I would consider those to be more of a sellout.
  16. I know I keep bringing up John Fruscante but his new song Unreachable has an amazing instrumental that winds up being almost the entire last three minuts of the song.
  17. I just wish things were like they used to be. I mean like when Cream came out with an album and 2 days later Jimi was do a cover on national tv and they didn't get upset. It was more of an honor. Bands just used to jam with eachother just for the feeling of the music.
  18. That's the meaning of probably half of the good songs ever written.
  19. I gotta agree with TheLizard but at the same time this dude had no right to use not only Jimi's signature but his face too. There's gotta be no debate when it's this cut and dry.
  20. The definition of blues would be Muddy Waters.
  21. Love the drum build up on that one. Def a classic.
  22. I used the original version in another thread and I thought I had to put it here. When The Levee Breaks - Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie When The levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
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