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  1. Thanks for the Tip it has helped me to find numerous songs, thank you
  2. That's too bad, it would make a great song
  3. I love that tune from the "Tena" commercial. Where does that music come from? I like the music played where the woman is changing clothes from early days into todays woman style.
  4. Wow, you are good and that was fast ! exactly the tune I used to hear way back when, thank you so much.
  5. Does anyone know who recorded the original song "follow me" made back in mid 60's?.It was redone by a group called california, but that is not the original group.
  6. I am trying to find the band that made this song, has all earmarkings of early 80's band. I got the lyrics I just can't figure out who did the song. Thanks I want to see you I can't deny I want to feel you, you know that I can't lie I want to touch you, I need it now I've got to have you, I'm gonna get you somehow chorus; I like sex, let me see your body I like sex, let me feel your body I like sex, don't you know I'm horny
  7. Nothing to do with music, but does anyone know where I can find all season one trading spaces episodes when Alex Mcleod was the host? I was a spaces fanatic and would love to see my old program again.
  8. Looking for a cd that has this tune "leaving train" here are the lyrics anyone familiar with it? Maybe I'm coming home; well, I am driving loneliness, a thousand miles long. I'm leaving on that train, I'm a leaving train. The music curls beside me, the ocean slow changes, from blue to orange, to black, to black. I feel like an astronaut, just got home from space, and all I want is a hot fudge sundae. I went to heaven, and I came back. There was no love, so I came back. I wanted a love as big as the ocean.
  9. Reminded me of Lennons death in 81, but I don't remember that much of a tribute for him. MJ deserved this wonderful funeral, why does the city have to pay for it? He could have paid for it on just a single concert.
  10. has anyone heard of a song called either "I met her at the soundcheck or just simply soundcheck. Alternative rock song, not sure of the artist.
  11. You can still see the munsters home on TV today! It's located on whisteria lane from Desperate Housewives. I saw it on the universal tours !
  12. anyone know where I can find a copy of red hot chili peppers concert of "socks on cocks" uncensored version?
  13. It's not a big deal about which lucy. Lennon Jr. returned home with a picture that he drew himself, and showed it to dad, when John asked what it was, his answer was "it is lucy in the sky with diamonds" no reference to drugs, John just thought that would be a super title for a song.
  14. funny man, the one of the zombies that attack the dancers, wonderful tune, you know the movie. cool dude !!
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