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  1. I think Bright Eyes is Amazing one of my personal favorite bands, in fact im seeing them live in febuary!! im so happy =) my favorite song by them will hav to be....well i cant really pick a favorite...but hm Haligh Haligh was my first song i liked by him
  2. I found out about this site because i was looking up lyrics for konstantine..i knew them but i dont know its such a beautiful song that i just had to read the lyrics and i came across this site and read what ppl think the song means.... well u guys might not agree with me but heres what the song means its about Andrew and his Ex gf Krystal and about there relationship but i also think that he had a drug or alcohol problem and it really hurt her and he never ment to and he wants to b with her but hes afraid to hurt her more lines such as "and you tell me that its over, wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers and your restless and im naked you got to get out you cant see me shakin" hm obviously he had a dream or somthing about them breaking up and he woke up realizing he still had her "wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers" four leaf clovers are lucky so he feels lucky "and your restless and im naked, you got to get out you cant stand to see me shakin" he knows she doesnt like him taking the drugs and hes shakin from the drugs and she cant stand it "could u let me go? i didnt think so and youi dont wanna be here in the future so you say the presants just a pleasant interuption to the past and you dont wanna look much closer cause ur afriad to find out all this hope you had sent into the sky by now had crashed and it did because of me" see he knows that it hurts her but its hard for him to see her hurt and he loves her dearly..and for the name Konstantine....constantine means Beautiful Girl i will love forever or somthing like that, but he spells it with a K because Krystal is usually spelled with a C and hes mentioning how its special so hes spells constantine with a K...and where it says "this is because i can spell confusion with a 'K' and i can like it" there relationship has alot of ups and downs... "its to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car when the first star you see may not be a star, im not your star, isnt that wat u said? what you thought this song ment and if this is what it takes just to lye with my mistakes and live with what i did to you all the hell i put you through i always catch the clock its 11:11 now you wanna talk its not hard to dream you'll always be my konstantine my konstantine they'll never hurt you like i do no they'll never hurt you like i do no,no,no, no, no, no, no, no" he is obviously inspired by Jimmy Eat World and this song is similar to one of Jimmy Eat Worlds songs..and about 11:11 thats supose to b the time when you make a wish and i think hes tryin to be ironic in that line....and they'll never hurt you like i do...im not so sure who they are? maybe its refering to any other guys...and the whole thing about sleepin,dreaming,kiss me in your living room...thats a metaphor its not an actual living room hes talking about her life and how hes in it, and now there broken up "and u miss me in your living room..we dont have much room to live" as in life goes by so fast and he took things for granite and got involved with drugs and hurt her and hurt himself because he hurt her because he will always love her forever... hmmm like anyone is gonna read that huh? hahah well this is my meaning of the song...everyone has different meanings...no one knows the exact meaning but Andrew....anyways post ppl and tell me what u think?
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