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  1. I went digging through the songs of his that are on YouTube. I'm truly surprised that he isn't "up there" with the Temptations, Jackson 5, etc. for great soul artists. Dobie does disco
  2. Gay guy to me: you're only two drinks from going home with me Me to gay guy: yeah, but I'm only one drink from ripping your balls off with my bare hands Gay guy backs away slowly...
  3. Alone by Heart is about a woman longing for ... somebody. AND KICKS ASS
  4. Hmmph. Well then: No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper People Are People by Depeche Mode
  5. Zombie by the Cranberries is a great war protest song. Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan is a protest against cults and cultism. The Spirit of Radio by Rush is a protest song against commercialism in the recording industry.
  6. I dunno.. I was gonna post this in most artistic video, but this works: My Humps You don't want no drama.
  7. That song reminds me of: Just a Girl by No Doubt
  8. Impala males develop a harem of 25+ females and run off any contenders, including their own offspring. The losers have to go join the bachelor herd until they can pick up some females of their own.
  9. That reminds me of what a guy told me once. "Every band I've ever been in was just to get [laid]."
  10. Heaven by Los Lonely Boys, if you read the lyrics, sounds pretty depressing.
  11. Ha! I only have 120 or so chances for mistake. Levis has like 14,000...
  12. Is that guy an impala or something? I see one dude and like 30 women. What's his secret?
  13. Thanks for the link. I'd actually never heard any Schon/Hammer before, despite being a big fan of Neal Schon. He does a good job singing. I'll have to check out more of their work.
  14. Oh man, R Kelly doing the redneck woman's voice is awesome. Still, he makes a point about everybody sleeping around and lying and being totally hypocritical about it. Part 9 is just freakin hilarous. "Now pause the movie cuz what I'm about to say to y'all is so damn twisted. Not only is there a man in his cabinet but the man is a midget, midget, midget, midget...."
  15. Man, I just can't stop watching this. There are too many classic moments & lines. "It's Rosy the Nosy Neighbor with a spatula up in her hand."
  16. I have some CDs by artists who are on iTunes, but these particular CDs are not. The Sy Klopps Blues Band -- Old Blue Eye is Back Neal Schon -- Electric World The first one didn't surprise me; the second did.
  17. Um... is blue fish a girl? Otherwise, what's w/ the girl on girl rock motif? But while we're on that motif.... Constant Craving by k.d. lang
  18. Rock and Roll Girls by John Fogerty The band last night performed this--dramatically off key. I had to eliminate that from my memory. They also did the worst rendition of ROCK in the USA I've ever heard.
  19. Good. I needed some help partying down.
  20. Now that you guys brought up Goodbye Yellow Brick Road I thought about Someone Saved My Life Tonight This song has one of my favourite lines: And it's one more beer and I don't hear you anymore.
  21. A discussion I read suggests that that the Doc was right... "Rocky you've met your match," And RR does indeed die. The Gideon's Bible, mentioned twice, suggests that this song has a strong Christian theme. The first time RR sees it, he's filled with anger and is planning to kill another person in an act of jealousy. Later, when RR find's Gideon's Bible again, he repents, and then is allowed spiritual revival/acceptance to heaven. Interesting... I just discovered that Lennon plays bass and McCartney plays guitar on this song. Bah... just another silly love song by Paul. (sorry to hijack the thread)
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