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  1. s/s can't wait for the weekend .. and it's only Monday
  2. Diet Coke and popcorn w/seasoned salt ... whatever that is ..lol
  3. Dunno if this helps any, but it's all I could find. I credited the web site where the info was found below the paragraphs. -------------------------------------- August: 1-31: Headlining shows supporting Aerosmith, Alvin Lee, Rainbow, Savoy Brown, Ted Nugent & co-headlining with Cheap Trick. http://web.telia.com/~u11102242/+rr_history.htm ------------------ Some of the dates in support or being supported by such bands as Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Savoy Brown, Journey, Aerosmith and UFO, with the band hopping over the border to play gigs in Toronto and even hopping back to Australia for one date. http://www.crabsodyinblue.com/acdcoutlawsissue24.htm
  4. Well shoot. I missed number 7 for sure. I said their last concert was in Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA, and the last song was "Long Tall Sally". Congrats Sue!! WTG !
  5. Something In RED - Lorrie Morgan
  6. Ya know, most "new" bands these days, come and go in the wink of an eye. Seems they have one or two CD's, then just fade away. I think some of that stems from the fact that record companie$ rush them out on a tour before the band can fully develop. They get burned out too quickly. Therefore, I reserve judgment on "new" bands until I see and hear at least a third CD. Just one thing to say ... BRAVO Arcade Fire. Your third release is as good as the first two in my humble opinion. I love "Intervention".
  7. Take a look at Rhino Records ... their "NUGGETS" collection has def got some acid music. The Chocolate Watchband, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Electric Prunes, The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, and who can forget ... The Magic Mushrooms ... LOL ... if that band name doesn't say it all, what does ? Here is a link to the site: http://www.rhino.com/store/ProductDetail.lasso?Number=75466
  8. The Cookies One of the best early examples of the "girl group sound". Have you ever heard "On Broadway" ? Yes ... they sang it FIRST. I just love Earl Jean in "Don't say nothin' bad about my baby" ... this classic line "So girl you better shut your mouth" ... is just awesome. Yea ... I like The Cookies.
  9. Smash Mouth Walking On The Sun
  10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - RED Right Hand
  11. All time fave movies ? Wow .. tough one. In no particular order, here goes ... The Big Chill .. great music too Crash ... a MUST see Legends Of The Fall .. I'm a gurl, whadda ya expect? Usual Suspects .. great film, great ending The Godfather ... any of them
  12. Here's the game ... the colo(u)r today is ... RED .. because it's my favorite. Each person name one song that has RED in the title. For example: Little RED Corvette - Prince How many can ya'll come up with ?
  13. Yes .. by all means .. ask him. It's a definite NO if you don't. And if you DO ask, and he says no, accept it and move on. There really are lots of other fish out there. Hehehe.
  14. Next it was UP UP AND AWAY in our beautiful balloon over the YELLOW RIVER until we crash landed at BAKER STREET.
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