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  1. It's been a long time since I came to this neck of the woods but I heard this the other day and wondered if anyone here would know the answer. On Aug. 8, 1978 at the Record Bar/Executives Convention in Nashville a band that was beginning to be recognized called ACDC was the opening act for ________. Also there was a live ACDC album called "Blues, Booze and Tattoos" that was made at this convention. Can someone tell me who the headline act was that took the stage after ACDC?
  2. Ok I have a question. At the beginning of Madonna's new song, "Sorry" Madonna is saying something in Italian.....I think it's Italian lol. Anyway since I don't speak Italian I'm wondering if anyone can give me the interpetation of what's being said. That's it Thanks
  3. I have no idea about the meaning of it but if this is the new and improved INXS then I can see myself becoming a bigger fan then I was before. Pretty Vegas ROCKS! :happybanana:
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