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  1. Wow … just to inform you guys, TV Guide will be releasing special holiday issue and they are giving Free CD’s… and know what the CD contain previously unreleased version of Elvis "It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You", and Elvis music video signing "Blue Christmas". And it also contains behind the scenes photo gallery of the stars of the hit TV show "Las Vegas" on NBC channel. Wow sounds cool…
  2. hi would you like to give your top 5 best film even if it is old or new movies anything that you think its really good... mine are 1. Ever After 2. Charlies Angel 1 & 2 3. Harry Potter 1 , 2, & 3 4. Never Been Kiss 5. 51st date
  3. I am so confused I still don’t know the difference between JAZZ, POP and RNB actually song such as Rock, Love Song and Old Song are the only songs I can classify would you like to help me with this thanks by the way I am Elvis Presley fanatic hehehe if anyone know anything that has to do with his work just inform me thanks…
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