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  1. Congratulations Mike. I will have 32 big ones in December. Man where has time gone? rtstuff
  2. I agree with you Sweet Jane the prices are way to high. I think the public is getting ripped off. The highest I paid was 65 for the Eagles in Columbus Ohio and we were in right field. I would love to see other shows. I just think that a large group of music fans are being out priced at many venues. rtstuff
  3. For some reason this was my toughest task so far. Thanks for waiting on me to vote Darryl 1. Crying 2. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling 3. For What Its Worth 4. Happy Together 5. Reflections of MY Life 6. Diamond Girl 7. Cover Of Rolling Stone, The 8. In My Room 9. Aint' To Proud To Beg 10.Whiter Shade Of Pale rtstuff
  4. Hey Sweet Jane have you heard if Steve Miller will come anywhere near our "neck" of the woods. That would be a good show! rtstuff
  5. "Walk Away Rene" The Left Bank rtstuff
  6. Thanks for everyone's thoughts. It has been a tough time. rtstuff
  7. Tell all of your children that are of driving age to please drive carefully. I just lost two of my high school students this weekend in a terrible tragic car accident this past weekend. I am really distraught about this happening. One of the little girl's mother I had in school many years ago. Please tell your kids to be alert when they drive. These kids had been up all night at a friends house and on the way home early Sunday morning the young girl driving fell asleep at the wheel. The other young lady was already asleep. rtstuff
  8. Guys I have had a roller coaster last 72 hours. I will explain later. I am at work and I have a couple of minutes to put in my two nominations I am not sure if this one has already been nominated or not. If it hadn't already been nominated I will nominate "Crying" by Roy Orbison. MY second nomination is "So Happy Together" The Turtles. Peace to everyone I must run now. rtstuff
  9. CCR is one of my favorite bands. I love their lyrics and "bayou" sound. I agree with you CanAm on John Fogerty. CCR is an answer to a rock trivia question. The group that had the most number 2 hits that didn't make it to number 1. rtstuff "Some folks inherit star spangled eyes Ooh they send you down to war,Lord, and when you ask them "How much should we give?" Ooh they only answer more, more, more. Fortunate Son.
  10. If the whole world was like the folks on SongFacts. What a wonderful place it would be. J Just a nice thought on a Thursday morning. God Bless everyone. rtstuff
  11. The Beach Boys Two different times The Eagles The Moody Blues The Tokens A great show Steppenwolf Ray Stevens A real hoot Blood Sweat and Tears John Denver Chicago Paul Revere and the Raiders heard Cyndi Lauper sing Take me out to the ball game at Wrigley Field rtstuff
  12. Well here goes 1. Summer In The City 2. Kentucky Rain 3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 4. Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On 5. Dance To The Music 6. If You Could Read My Mind 7. Bad Bad LeRoy Brown 8. Air That I Breathe 9. Day Tripper 10.My Back Pages Man I left off some goodies. rtstuff "Have you ever seen the rain commin down on sunny day". CCR
  13. Wow what a list OLD 55; this is going to be tough. I once sang the "Sloop John B." to a junior high Earth Science class. That was a loooooooooong time ago in a galaxy far far away. rtstuff
  14. I'm glad I could help you out Sweet Jane. By the way Uncle Joe you had the Jim Morrison locks going on. rtstuff "What a day for a day dream, what a day for a day dreamin boy". Lovin Spoonful.
  15. Wow Linda Ronstadt. My wife's favorite female vocalist. rtstuff
  16. Hey Joe this is somewhat related to all of this. Did you ever play Strato-Matic baseball? I remember the one year that Richie Allen had a good season. I drafted him for my Strato team.. He either hit the long ball or struck out. rtstuff
  17. I had this dream that OLD 55 and I get abducted by aliens and they put us in a "Punk Rock" band. Old had his hair spiked and colored cranberry. I had a mohawk that was colored green. Sweet Jane was doing some back up vocals in a Janis Joplin get up. Uncle Joe was jammin on the key boards throwing chicken livers to the crowd. Other than that nothing unusal seems to come to mind. rtstuff "ET phone home"
  18. Hang in there OLD 55 I hear Aussies live to a very ripe old age. It must be that clean salt air and all of that good sea food, not to mention all of those nice sites at the local beaches if you know what I mean. We may be forever young OLD 55. rtstuff "We need to get a bigger boat" Roy Schneider In JAWS
  19. Forgive me Uncle Joe. I meant Uncle joe and not Old Joe in my last post. I was thinking of a gentleman that use to come to the local "Y" that I knew. rtstuff
  20. Great job Darryl! Here are my two. 1. Summer In the City. Lovin Spoonful. This one came out in the summer of 1966. Man I remember it well. It was a carefree summer. I don't know if Old Joe will remember the table top baseball game called Strato-Matic or not, but I can remember playing Strato-Matic baseball and listening to those hot opening cords to the Spoonful. "Hot time summer in the city back of my neck gettin hot and gritty." Man youth what a wonderful thing. Where has it gone OLD 55? 2. My number two song is probably my favorite of all of Elvis' hits. "Kentucky Rain". That is such a relaxing song. I can just picture the lyrics in my mind. "Search'n for you in the cold Kentucky rain". rtstuff "Chicks dig me. I rarely wear underwear". Bill Muarry Stripes.
  21. I agree with you b-f I think Catherine by far is the most talented of the bunch. I have no idea how they are going to do with this opera dude coming up on the next show. I like Taylor, but I can't see him doing a love song. I look for Catherine to shine again. The little fella Elliot may do all right with this genre. rtstuff
  22. Here we go guys 1. Paint It Black 2. The End 3. Mrs. Robinson 4. 25 Or 6 to 4 5. God Only Knows 6. Day Dream 7. Heart of Gold 8. Indian Reservation 9. Eli's Coming 10.Thunder Road rtstuff
  23. Speaking of stoner music the other night when I was on the set of the Marshall movie they were using a somke machine to produce an effect in the movie theater. I got cracked up when I overheard one of the camera guys say that he felt like he was watching a scene from that infamous old classic, "Reefer Madness". rtstuff smoked in Huntington, West Virginia.
  24. Take care Paul.. Keep your head down and your eyes open. rtstuff
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