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  1. Thanks Old 55 on the correction. I was at work when making that post and I was in a hurry and forgot it was Carl Perkins. Summertime Blues is one of my favorite Rock-A-Billy hits along with hits from Buddy Holly and the wild man Gene Vincent of Be-Bop-A-Lula fame. One of the funniest comedic sikts I remember as a kid was the late great Steve Allen doing a parady on Be-Bop-A-Lula. Only Steve Allen could have pulled it off. rtstuff
  2. My father had a bunch of old 45's when I was a kid in the 50's. I remember listening to Eddie Cochran's Blue Suede Shoes and Elvis' Heart Break Hotel. I also remember this song I think it was called Behind the Green Door, but I can't remember who did it. I would listen to those hours on end. He also had Johnny Horton's Battle Of New Orleans and Sink the Bismark, and North To Alaska. I distinctly remember he had some Tennesse Ernie Ford. He had his 16 Tons and In The Pines on 45. rtstuff
  3. So many good ones and so little time to type/ I like: The Gladiator The Great Escape RockyI The Magnificent Seven Patton American Graffiti The Good The Bad The Ugly These are just a few of my favorites. rtstuff
  4. Since all of us here enjoy listening to music I was wondering if you guys and gals wouldn't mind discussing some of the equipment that you listen to your music on while your relaxing. I enjoy hearing about the various types of audio equipment. I have mainly Onkyo equipment. My reciever, CD turntable are Onkyo. I have a Hitachi DVD player and a pair of Mordant-Short speakers. I have been pretty much satisfied with everything so far. I think the next piece of equipment I invest in will be a DVD recorder. What brand of DVD recorder would some of you suggest? rtstuff Huntington, West Virginia where it's almost Spring! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!
  5. This one is for you RonJonSurfer From the movie Apocalypse Now. Robert Duval.. "What do you know about surfing corporal? You're from GD New Jersey". Sorry Ronjon rtstuff
  6. Crazy Don, I heard that the movie people actually got a tape from Huntington station WKEE FM 100.5 during 1970, but they didn't say what month. They actually got part of the broadcast of DJ Jack O'Shea the "Flying Dutchman" Man I grew up with that guy. rtstuff
  7. I have had floaters since I was about 21 and I am now 56. Your eye has a gelatinous mass in it called the vitrieous humor. As you get older this gelatinous mass begins to liquify. As it does so you get all of these little fibrous particles beginning to float around. They have become quite a nuisance for me. They are real bad on bright days. They also bother me if I am in a room and look outside when it is real bright outside. I have been told there is really nothing that can be done about them. rtstuff Floating away in Huntington, West Virginia.
  8. I just showed a film to my 10th grade science class about global warming. In the film the narrator mentions how desertification has become a problem in Spain with an increase in the desert landscape. The narrator goes on to say how this may be an indicator of global warming. Is this an accurate statement about the increase in the desert landscape of your country? Also has this impacted any of you in any way? Thanks rtstuff "Please Lord don't let me "F" up! Alan Shepherd just before he becomes the first American to be shot into space. From the movie "The Right Stuff" actor Scott Glenn.
  9. Thanks to everyone for all of your information. There is really great stuff here. I will be making a list of what I think would go good in the movie production. This film is going to be a drama of the highest order. I am sure there will be many gut wrenching scenes. I have been told that an early reading of one scene ripped the heart out of those involved. I am really looking forward to this movie. It will be bitter sweet to say the least. It will be tough to watch in certain parts I am sure. I pray that the good Lord lets me live long enough to see it. By the way OLD 55 feel free to e-mail your Hot 100 for the weeks that you have mentioned in your post. Again thanks to all of you. You guys and gals are the BEST!!! rtstuff "They built a small plane called the X1 and men came to the high desert of Califronia to ride it. They were called test pilots, and NO ONE KNEW THEIR NAMES." Introduction to the movie The Right Stuff as read by Levon Helm.
  10. MacArthurs Park with all of that sweet green icing melting and that jive. Just toooooo long for me. rtstuff Hey Ridley you got a stick of Beamans? Chuck Yeager to Jack Ridley (played by Levon Helm) in the movie "The Right Stuff"
  11. Gene Simmons of KISS Mick Fleetwood It's those crazy eyes. Pete Townsend The Who Donald Fagin of Steely Dan A weird looking dude Joe Walsh B.B.King epitome of COOL Carlos Santana Chet Adkins I love is guitar Bonnie Raitt The Shreve guy from Santana I can't remember his first name. The guy is an absloute Blurr on the drums and bongos. rtstuff
  12. Loren Green of Bonanza fame. "Ringo" Dreadful rtstuff
  13. Guys I need some help with titles that would have been in the top 40 for November of 1970. This is for some research I am doing for possible use in the movie about the Marshall air tragedy. Thanks for any help. rtstuff "There was a demon that lived out in the thin air. They said whoever would challenge it would certainly die. They said it was like a farm you could buy in the sky. They said it was like a brick wall that if you tried to go through it, it would rip off your ears. They called this barrier the "Sound Barrier". The movie "The Right Stuff".
  14. Sam the sham of the Pharoahs does some nice screaming in Wooly Bully. rtstuff
  15. The Tokens are great. I saw them in concert once on the banks of the Ohio River. They did some major Doo Wap that night. rtstuff Home of Thundering Herd and "Thunder Struck"
  16. I went to the Marshall and Central Florida basketball game last night and the director of the Marshall Movie was there. He was recording sounds and cheer for the upcoming Marshall film. The film hopes to premier in Los Angelas and Huntington on November 10th. That would put it four days before the crash date of Nov. 14th. The director said that the next time he would be in Huntington it would be with Matthew McConughey. I put my name on a list to be a movie extra. I hope I make the cut, but you just never no. They may be looking for college age kids which would definitely leave me out. Filming in Huntington, my home town, is expected to beging on April 3. rtstuff "We are Marshall" Dedicated to the "75"
  17. "Does your Chewing Gum lose its flavor on the bed post overnight." Itsy Bitsy Yellow Poka dot Bikini Purple People Eater Alley Oop was my dad's favorite Dead skunk in the middle of the road Bottle of wine fruit of the vine rtstuff
  18. My favorites The Beach Boys Temps Simon and Garfunkle. Steely Dan rtstuff
  19. The Buckinghams "Kind of A Drag" "Susan" rtstuff
  20. I have been visiting the vault for a about a year now. I ordered a "T" shirt from them,but had to send it back becuae of the size. Unfortunately they didn't have my size to replace it. They also did a spot on the vault last Sunday morning. My mom called me about the show. I think it was on the Sunday morning Today show. I caught the very end of the show. They have some really neat stuff there. Most of it is out of my ball park price wise, but nonetheless is cool to look at. rtstuff
  21. The intro to "Shaft" Isaac Hayes. rtstuff
  22. Hey what is wrong with being gray? Well at least I am old enough to have earned all of those gray locks. Besides I am salt and peppa. I'm not totally gray like that guy. rtstuff
  23. This one is for Ronjon Surfer "Charlie don't surf" Robert Duval as colonel Kilgore Apocalypse Now
  24. Bob Seger's "Like A Rock" A friend of mine read the lines of this song at my father's funeral. My dad once told my mom that the song reminded him of his own life. Three songs, America's "A Horse With NO Name, Paul Simon's "Mother And Child Reunion", and Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" remind me of the winter of '72 at Fort Dix New Jersey. When I hear those songs I am at Fort Dix. "Rock Your Baby" by George McCray sp? was very popular when my wife and I were dating in '74 When I here that song I am sitting in the front seat of my 64 Corvair heading down the highway with my girl, now my wife. Notice I said Corvair and not Corvette darn it. rtstuff
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