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  1. I'm an Irish fiddler. I've been playing for about 6 years. I started out in classical, but that's so boring and structured. If anyone decides to take up violin, do folk music. It's a lot more fun. Classical violinists look down on us fiddlers, but they're stuck in their structured bubbles, so it's us folk musicians that have the real laugh in the end.
  2. Well my generation has Marilyn Manson, who just wishes he was the Antichrist. Sometimes I feel that God played some cosmic prank by placing me in this time period, instead of some time 40 or so years ago.
  3. I have to say, that's pretty awesome. I guess there is hope for our generation after all!
  4. "Helter Skelter"- The Beatles "Seek and Destroy"- Metallica
  5. Check out this link if you want to here some good examples of Syd Barrett material. http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/10830134/hear_a_playlist_of_syd_barretts_best_tracks
  6. Me being unusual. As I usually am. So I suppose it's me being normal.
  7. Go Doors! And one of my nominations got number 3! Great list!
  8. Wow... I didn't even realize he was still alive. Poor guy. Imagine would Pink Floyd would have been like if Syd had remained in a relatively stable mental state, and was able to stay with the band.
  9. Uncle Joe, that's almost inspirational. Almost.
  10. I just want to be in a band. Any kind of band, as long as I like the sound.
  11. Compare anything from their 80s material with something from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, One Hot Minute, Californication, and By The Way. All these albums have completely different sounds. Their new album combines all their sounds.
  12. Congratulations to the Italian team, who won in penalty kicks. I was shocked by what Zidane did in the second overtime. I thought he had more class than that. It is not good for the game to see a player with that kind of legacy leave his final game in that way.
  13. I always enjoy listening to Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  14. You don't think so? Apparently you haven't listened to "When The Music's Over".
  15. I love Dylan, but Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen are both better songwriters.
  16. No, I have not been through a Zeppelin phase. I've been through plenty of phases since I discovered the joys of rock and roll, but Zeppelin remains my constant favorite (well, tied with The Doors and the Stones of course). I don't think I'll ever stop loving their music. Often when I hear a song too many times, I get sick of it, but so far this hasn't happened to any Zeppelin songs, even the admittedly overplayed Stairway to Heaven. If Zeppelin comes on the radio, the radio gets turned up, no matter what.
  17. 1. Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen 2. Light My Fire- The Doors 3. Space Oddity- David Bowie 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Pink Floyd 5. Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd 6. One- U2 7. Ballad of a Thin Man- Bob Dylan 8. Cinnamon Girl- Neil Young 9. Highway To Hell- AC/DC 10. Hardest Button to Button- White Stripes
  18. "Space Oddity"- David Bowie "Hardest Button to Button"- White Stripes
  19. Rick Rubin is the best producer in the last twenty years, or at least the most important.
  20. I believe that that flag is currently under restoration in the Smithsonian National History Museum. I think it was on display when I went there, but that was years ago.
  21. I have an argument with my friend. Who wrote the lyrics for Rage Against the Machine's songs? I say it was Zach de la Rocha, he thinks it was Tom Morello.
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