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  1. Trying to find title of Stevie Nicks (or her with Fleetwood Mac) song.....has the line, "...I wear boots all summer long..." Thank you for any leads.
  2. The "Wow" was because it sounds as if it's an old song and my radio station has just begun to play it. Yeah, I know what Bob Seger sounds like. Liz
  3. I think Blue Jays (Justin Hayward and John Lodge) is a forgotten classic. Liz
  4. Ban McCartney's "Silly Love Songs." Sorry, I hate it. Liz
  5. I love the Cohen songs on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. It's a killer album. Liz
  6. Love Rumble (anything by Link Wray) and Rebel Rouser. Must add Surf Rider by Lively Ones and Miserlou by Dick Dale. Liz
  7. It's been said already, but my favorite screamers have always been Paul McCartney and Robert Plant. Liz
  8. Thanks for the replies. I thought it was something new since my radio station just did start playing it. Wow! It does sound like Bob Seger.
  9. Looking for artist and title for a current song, sounds like a country artist maybe, lyrics include "Here I am on the road again, here I am up on the stage...." My radio plays it all the time but never says what it is. Thanks anyone. Liz
  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, XXX. I thought it was the GD but never connected it with that title!
  11. Here's one driving me crazy for years now. I don't have much to offer except that in the lyrics are "California...." and to the same notes as "California" are the words "Like an angel...." It's an old song, '70s I'm thinking, sort of Grateful Dead sounding. Other than that, I've gone blank :: Please put me out of my misery! :: Thanks anyone!
  12. I'll try to find a photo of April Wine to compare. The band pictured here opened for a Moody Blues concert in 1987. They don't match any band stated to have opened for the MBs in that time period. They were actually very good. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. What about The Moody Blues' "The Other Side of Life" from 1986? Lyrics can be found by doing a search of Moody Blues Lyrics.
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