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  1. 1. Big Shot - Billy Joel 2. Family Portrait - Pink 3. Try - Colbie Caillat 4. Shake You Down - Gregory Abbott 5. Hella Good - No Doubt 6. Hole Hearted - Extreme 7. Secrets - Mary Lambert 8. My Head's In Mississippi - ZZ Top 9. Cry Baby - Cee-Lo Green 10. In The Mood - Glenn Miller
  2. Songs with cities or states in the title. Alabama - Neil Young B C D El Paso - Marty Robbins F G H I J Kansas City--Wilbert Harrison L Mississippi Queen - Mountain N O P Q R S T U V Woodstock - Crosby, Stills & Nash X Yellow Rose Of Texas, The - Johnny Desmond Z
  3. Things that are mainly used during WINTER A Blankets Chains (for tires) De-Icer Ear Muffs Firewood Gloves Heater Ice scraper Jacket Kissing under the mistletoe Linens, Flannel Mittens New Years Resolutions (since most people give up on them by winter's end) Ornaments (for Christmas Tree) Pellet Stove Quilts Rock Salt Snow shovel Toques Underwear (long kind) Valentine's Day Cards Wool Clothing Xmas decorations Yellow snow Zero Degree Thermometer
  4. Jenny

    Name a Song

    Rock Lobster - The B52's Name a song you liked you liked as a kid, but don't like now
  5. We got 5-6 inches last Saturday and another 4-5 yesterday, but my sister in South Jersey and brother in Rhode Island got pounded. Yes, it has been a fairly mild winter in terms of snow, but yesterday was my daughter's 5th snow day, and they're only allowed 6. We've had a lot of freezing rain and icy conditions...a lot worse than snow
  6. A little girl power Try - Colbie Caillat (2014) Secrets - Mary Lambert (2014) And a little romance Shake You Down - Gregory Abbott (1987)
  7. 1. I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith 2. Rather Be - Clean Bandit 3. What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) = Information Society 4. I Want to Break Free - Queen 5. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) - Joan Jett 6. Make Me Lose Control - Eric Carmen 7. Midnight Rendezvous - The Babys 8. Betcha By Golly Wow - The Stylistics 9. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You - Sting 10. It Don't Mean A Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington
  8. Guns N Roses Take Me To Church
  9. Marshall Mathers (AKA Eminem) T T
  10. I have not seen any of those movies. I may play, but will be a total guess for all of those categories.
  11. What is Idina singing, the national anthem?
  12. The Village People "Undone (The Sweater Song)"
  13. Frogger (yes, I am THAT old) name a piece of clothing you've had for a long time
  14. I would wait until nicer weather to visit, Elena. It is no picnic to walk around in the cold and subways and cabs can be expensive. If it's nice, you can walk and save your money for shows, dinners and shopping.
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