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  1. Sorry, but this new format is weird...maybe it's just the way it appears on my laptop, but too much scrolling!!
  2. I am only halfway done listening and won't be able to vote this time, so please don't wait for me...so sorry Chutzpah.
  3. 1. A Different Corner - George Michael 2. Sugar - Maroon 5 3. Synchronicity II - The Police 4. Wrap It Up - The Fabulous Thunderbirds 5. The Wire - Haim 6. You're The inspiration - Chicago 7. Rockin' Robin - Jackson 5 8. These Foolish Things - Bryan Ferry 9. Jesse - Carly Simon 10. Sandstorm - Darude
  4. I admire writers who seem to just shoot out one book a year, and not just a short one...long elaborate, well thought out ones. They must never sleep. Maybe that's it...I'm too lazy
  5. People who really deserve a slap upside the head A Bush, George W. Clinton, Hillary (Bill, too) Dolce And Gabbana!!! E F Gore, Al Harper, Stephen I John, Elton Kardashians, all of them L Mo Howard N O'Reilly, Bill Penn, Sean Q Reid, Harry Sharpton, Al T U Vick, Michael West, Kanye X Y Z
  6. Boy, Snow, Bird - Helen Oyeyemi A girl named Boy escapes her abusive father and ends up in a small Massachusetts town where she meets a man named Arturo and his daughter, Snow. Snow is adored by everyone who meets her. Boy marries Arturo and they have a daughter named Bird, who is born dark-skinned, which outs Arturo's family as black trying to pass as white. Boy begins to see how race affects family dynamics. 7/10
  7. I get that often, little scenes that I act out in my head, but unfortunately, I can never get past that. I have many written down scenarios, but I can't expand them into stories.
  8. Great start, I'm riveted already
  9. Sugar- Maroon 5 (2015) The Wire - Haim (2013) A Different Corner - George Michael (1986)
  10. 1. Ride With The Devil - Stray Cats 2. The Captain & The Kid - Elton John 3. Long Gone - George Thorogood 4. Keep On Rockin' - Alvin Lee 5. The Way You Look Tonight - James Darren 6. Tough It Out - Webb Wilder 7. Let Her Go - Passenger 8. Can't Let Go - Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart 9. Gone Pecan - Sonny Landreth 10. Boom Like That - Mark Knopfler
  11. while staring at the sky
  12. 1. Sacrifice - Elton John 2. The Walker - Fitz and the Tantrums 3. If I Die Young - The Band Perry 4. Get Busy - Sean Paul 5. Take Me to Church - Hozier 6. Don't Treat Me Bad - Firehouse 7. Peaceful World - John Mellencamp & india.arie 8. You're The Best - Joe Esposito 9. Sex Bomb - Tom Jones 10. No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
  13. The Walker - Fitz & The Tantrums (2013) Get Busy - Sean Paul (2003) Sacrifice - Elton John (1990)
  14. Thanks everyone! I had fun making this list
  15. Spock dying...that is illogical
  16. "Blue Monday" - Nicci French 22 years after a 5 year old girl disappears without a trace, a five year old boy's disappearance catches the attention of a psychiatrist when her patient has dreams about a boy who is the missing boy's spitting image. If you pick this book up, make sure you have lots of free time, because you will be hooked. 9/10
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