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  1. Had an English muffin, milk and a donut for breakfast.....I know, what a health nut!!!!!
  2. I haven't been out yet today, but yesterday I brought home sandwich meat and donuts for lunch and treat!
  3. It is very subtle humor, and the kids speak and acted like small adults, but I love it. My daughter has outgrown the TV specials, but she still wanted to see the Peanuts movie. It is so true to the comic...sweet and subtle, with absolutely no pop culture references.
  4. 8:21 am. Have to get off the computer and get ready for work
  5. Probably not, I may have to hide some The next poster is eating candy right now
  6. I haven't got time for the pain
  7. The River - Bruce Springsteen
  8. Don't turn around I don't want you to seeing me cry Just walk away It's tearing me apart that you're leaving
  9. Maggie May - Rod Stewart
  10. At work, I walk right by a rack with these great looking baked goods that are 50% off. Well, temptation won out last night and I bought some muffins. Now I know why they are half price...stale as anything. It's just as well, now I won't be tempted by the donuts and brownies.
  11. One of my favorite songs!
  12. Pick Me Apart - Active Bird Community Listening to a Spotify playlist called "feel good indie rock."
  13. "Brass in Pocket" by the Pretenders?
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