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  1. looks like Carl's been busy with LPP....... the consensus appears to favor Jimi, Jimmy and Dave although not necessarily in that order - Eddie gets honorable mention....
  2. As far as an actual bass solo - how about "Anesthesia/Pulling Teeth" by Cliff Burton on Metallica's "Kill'Em All".........
  3. sorry for the delay - wknds are crazy... OK: related to "Quinn" dancing goofball briefly very popular, but now back underground
  4. This could be one of the best bands you've never heard - intense rock/punk tempered with great use of dynamics and socially conscious lyrics - I don't know if they are still recording or performing - definitely worth checking out. Recommended listening: "Stoosh" "Paranoid & Sunburnt" "Post Orgasmic Chill"
  5. maybe Black Flag - with Rollins being the fan.....?
  6. $.02 pt II - I think we are all guilty to a certain degree of maintaining a comfort zone with what we listen to - but I love hearing new music - even if it's bad at least you gave it a chance. I listen to so many different artists and genres because different music lends itself to different situations. I have many friends with whom the basis of our relationship started with music. I had a girlfriend about 15 years ago that turned me on to reggae and I still see her face everytime I hear Bob. I'm sure you all have had similar incidents. Introduce new music to someone as often as possible - new to them I mean - stimulate intellectual growth - or promote stupidity - just pass on your favorites to people who you think will appreciate it. Here's a couple of my "can't believe you haven't heard this" titles to check out - expand your view..... Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal (classic VU tunes live with primo band) UFO - Strangers in the Night (grandiose arena rock - Michael Schenker shredfest) Ani DiFranco - Evolve (folkpunk) Keb' Mo' - Just Like You (acoustic blues)
  7. Hair of the Dog - Nazareth Don't Call Me Dude - Scatterbrain Psalm 69 - Ministry F the Police - NWA etc etc etc
  8. $.02 - I think you can absorb and enjoy the new and old both - you have to find the music that moves YOU - it's almost (or for some it is) on a spiritual level - and some music is timeless - that's what's great about music in general - nobody can tell you what to like or dislike, it's all up to the individual. When's the last time you got goosebumps from a song? Some people never do, can you believe that? Some people are perfectly happy listening to what's on the radio. Obviously the users of this forum aren't part of that bunch, except for maybe LPP. I listen to the new Joss Stone or some John Lee Hooker from 40 years ago with equal yet different admiration and appreciation. There is plenty of new music out there to move you from genuinely talented performers and artists. It's all in what you like. As a side note, I do think that a lot of mediocre performers benefit greatly from the current recording technology that manipulates their efforts into something marketable, and I also think that people who buy into said mediocre performers get what they deserve (see Ashlee Simpson for example) as a result. Be part of the heard, not the herd.
  9. There is a lot of garbage in the rap and hip-hop genre - but there is some good tuneage too - try Black Eyed Peas (pretty good current stuff), A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and The Roots for starters - they are all a little more intelligent than the thugs that are popular with the masses of suburban white kids (go figure).
  10. how about... Rivendell by Rush Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton Redemption Song by Bob Marley I Can't Tell You Why by The Eagles
  11. Paul Hardcastle did that anti-Vietnam (I assume it was anti) song "19" back in the 80's. Soul Coughing
  12. I saw Rossington-Collins Band in high school - when they did Free Bird it was with the empty mike stand stage front and a single white spotlight - no vocals - just Billy doing the melody on piano - seems kinda trite now but it was very moving at the time (1981).
  13. The Hybrid Theory was a good release, for what it is. But it absolutely does not qualify the guitarist as one of the best in his craft. Listen to something else, I can give you a list of current bands who's guitarists blow LP away hands down. Start with No. Mississippi All Stars and Los Lonely Boys. One other thing - Pink Floyd is one of the most talented and influential bands (a rare combination) of the rock era. Listen to them and explore........be careful with that axe Eugene............
  14. I think they meant REAL guitar players - I'm afraid that would eliminate anyone from Linkin Park, Limp Biscuit, and any and all other "rap-rock" wannabees. I can't limit myself to "a" favorite, but lately it's been Buddy Guy.......
  15. Concerts I've attended, hmmmmm, let's see what I can remember... 1st concert Cheap Trick - Dream Police tour 1980 - no opening act - I went with my uncle - he was 16 and I was 14 - the beginning of my corruption..... most recent Jimmy Thackery & Tab Benoit a month or so ago There have been hundreds in between..... Rush (4x)- 1981 twice w/Krokus / 1989 w/Mr. Big / 1992 no opener Van Hagar (2x) 1986 (?) 5150 tour w/BTO opening, 1991 (?)Unlawful Carnal Knowledge tour w/Alice In Chains Rainbow / Krokus - 1982 ELP - 1985 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers w/Stevie Nicks - 1981 Joe Ely Band opened Rossington Collins Band w/The Outlaws - 1981 Mountain Aire 1984 - REM, Ratt, Huey Lewis, Berlin, The Cars The Who - Tampa Stadium 1989 (lame show) Savatage (5x)1st time in 1982 last time 1989 Def Leppard (2x) Pyromania tour w/Krokus & Jon Butcher Axis Hysteria tour w/Tesla in the round - awesome show Santana (2x) 1981, 1985 J. Geils Band w/U2 opening 1981 Golden Earring w/Scandal 1983 Motley Crue 1990 (?) - Dr. Feelgood tour Robert Plant (2x) 1983(Honeydrippers) & 1989 w/Mission UK Dio - 1988 w/ Megadeth & Savatage Megadeth - 1985 w/Overkill & Necros Metallica (2x) 1988 w/Queenryche & 1992 w/Fight, Suicidal Tendencies, Candlebox Lollapalooza 1991 (?) RHCP/Soundgarden/Pearl Jam/L7/Ice Cube/Ministry ACDC (3x) 1982 w/Midnite Flyer (horrible band - got booed off) 1984 w/Yngwie Malmsteen, 1988 w/White Lion Three Dog Night 1985 (?) Atlanta Rhythm Section (2x) 1983 w/Mother's Finest, 1987 Jane's Addiction w/Suicidal Tendencies 1990 Pointe Blank w/Loverboy 1981 or 82 - kinda fuzzy..... Blue Oyster Cult w/Foghat & Whitford-St. Holmes 1983 Kiss (2x) Lick It Up tour 1984 (sucked), original line-up minus Peter 1990 or so w/Damn Yankees & Faster Pussycat (great show) Anthrax (2x) 1983 or 84 Spreading the Disease tour and 1990 (Rock-it Club in Tampa - they were touring with Ozzy and he cancelled so they played a club show - Joey Belladonna was upset with the sound so they only played about 40 minutes) Circus of Power w/Every Mother's Nightmare 1988 or so Styx 1981 (?) Kilroy tour Billy Idol w/The Cult 1986 (?)(they filmed the "Mony Mony" vid at this show - must've played that song like 12 times) Pretenders w/Simple Minds 1984 Ozzy (2x) 1984 Bark at the Moon tour w/Rough Cutt, 1986 w/Queensryche Toby Keith 2000 Charlie Daniels 1991 Dave Matthews Band w/Jason Mraz 2002 Jeff Beck w/Damon Fowler Group 2001 Lenny Kravitz (3x) 1991 w/Blind Melon, 2000 w/Smashmouth, 2002 w/Pink Seal w/Desree 1999 (?) Dan Fogelberg 2000 (acoustic show) Neville Bros w/Keb Mo 1999 Steel Pulse 2000 The Wailers (2x) w/Aswad 1987, 1996 Third World w/Inner Circle 2000 Johnny Winter 1991 Pearl Jam 1992 (? - right before "Ten" broke big) Rollins Band w/COC 1993 Warped Tour (3x) 2001/02/03 - too many bands to list Mighty Mighty Bosstones w/Flogging Molly (amazing show)1997/8 (?) Less Than Jake w/Against All Authority 1998 Eric Clapton 1990 Toto w/Off Broadway 1980 Al DiMeola 1998 Dozens and dozens more - I will add to the list and relate some stories in the future.......
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