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  1. I think Whoopi takes that dishonour herself with "Telephone". Has anyone else suffered through that piece of crap?
  2. fidelityfiend


    SAW was one of those movies that while you are watching it you are kinda like WTF? It is like the screenwriter was channeling pure evil to get that result. The story and acting are VERY intense. This is a true horror movie. Not like Freddy or Jason, this one gets in your head and scares you in your soul. Excellent viewing if you can take it.
  3. started out punk and then sold out with a string of very similar very derivative pop ballads Morphine
  4. It changes daily because I listen at my desk at work too - duh. Right now it's: Gov't Mule - The Deepest End discs 1&2 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live in Cardiff Wales 1975 Social Distortion - Sex, Love and Rock n Roll Seal - Acoustic disc from Greatest Hits Set Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road Steve Earle - Jerusalem Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts Now Toby Keith - Shock 'n Y'all Country mix I burned The Killers - Hot Fuss
  5. When I saw Starship they were riding their 3rd or 4th wave of popularity. They were mediocre - they seemed disinterested I guess would be the best way to describe it - and the sound was horrible. Also, it was a double bill - Joe Walsh was the other half and he was stone drunk - cussing the audience - literally falling down. It was arguably the worst concert I've ever seen. :: :: ::
  6. Never had a chance to see X - if they come to FL I will make an effort though. I still remember how blown away I was when I heard "Ain't Love Grand" for the first time. It was so raw, really it was probably the first punk type music I ever got into. Up to that point me and my buds were all about the virtuosity and technical ability. Exene and JD and company opened new horizons for us.
  7. Finally!!! I will have a chance to see one of the few remaining original socal punk bands live! Mike Ness and Social Distortion are coming to town!!! I will be at the local indie record store (Daddy Cool's in St. Pete) tomorrow AM to get my tix!!! Side note - by going to my local indie record store, there is no TICKETMASTER(BASTARD) service charge. I strongly recommend that you buy concert tix whenever possible without giving TICKETBASTARD a cut. They rape us every time we use them. monopolies are supposed to be illegal - fight the good fight - F@#$%^&* TICKETBASTARD and F!@#$%^&* CLEARCHANNEL!!!!!!!!! :: :: ::
  8. Beck has a new release slated for this year Tragically Hip
  9. I hate to admit it, but I too watched the Donny and Marie show every week when I was about 10 or so. Just didn't know any better I guess.
  10. you got that right x - they're both a waste of good air.
  11. IMO Paul Rodgers will be MUCH better than GM - although I am very biased because I can't stand GM (if I were king of the universe for a day I would decree that all GM and Wham music be destroyed).... should be interesting to see what kind of arrangements they do to some of the more operatic tunes in their catalog to fit Paul's vocal range. I would guess they will emphasize the bluesier aspect of Queen's music - especially since PR has been immersed in rootsy blues for the last decade.
  12. No - "Dig" is not NOFX - at least not the one I'm referring to - hint - released in 1993 and it is hard rock.
  13. How about the "Grease" soundtrack - the John Travolta one not the broadway one. I probably couldn't stomach it now, but when I was 12 I about wore out a vinyl copy!
  14. I don't find it creepy or scary at all - I can't think of anything but "Animal House" when I hear it.
  15. The Toadies.....? With their not so smash hit with the lyrics "I come From the water..."? I don't recall the name of the song. how about "Dig"
  16. of course I have TP - it's for my BUNGhole BUNGhole BUNGhole Mangione was cuz I was in Jazz band in high school (played bari sax) and KG was... well there's really no excuse for that one, especially three times. And to think I was embarrassed about the Adam Ant show! Don't mess with Tesh - he's almost as cool as Yawni...er ... Yanni
  17. this is by far my favorite Willie tune - and someone mentioned "City Of New Orleans" - another classic
  18. maybe the notches were elsewhere ::
  19. I'd like to say I have the most minute clue as to what you are talking about - but I don't. Are "Busted" from another planet? Maybe from the dimension where all music is crap? Just wondering, and exercising my sarcasm - it's been sleeping for a while.
  20. I was at a friend of mine's house earlier this evening, engaging in a couple of barley pops and some mother nature, and he had on a DVD of Joni from 1979 recorded live in Santa Barbara, CA. It is called "Shadows and Light" and it is available in the commercial marketplace. Her backing band at the time was a who's who of jazz - Pat Metheny on Guitar, Jaco Pastorius on bass, Micheal Brecker on sax, and Danny Elias on drums. It is absolutely phenomenal.
  21. I've dredged up some more from the wasteland that is my memory... David Lee Roth w/Poison opening Twisted Sister / Great White / TNT - actually got front row tix for this - it meant something at the time, I'm just not sure what Scorpions w/Bon Jovi opening 1984 Ratt w/ Bon Jovi opening 1985 Bon Jovi w/Guiffria(?) opening New Jersy tour 1987 (?) Crosby Stills & Nash at Candlestick Park 1984 Foreigner (the tour with "Waiting For A Girl Like You" - they were lame by then) Blues Traveler 2002 Chris Duarte (2x)1995 & 2003 Bullet Boys 1989 Kenny G (3x - what can I say - my wife loves him) Joe Satriani 1992 Faster Pussycat 1992 Sponge w/Letter To Cleo 1995 John Kay & "Steppenwolf" 1986 GTR (Steve Howe of Yes & Steve Hackett of Genesis) 1986 Honeymoon Suite 1986 Roger Waters (Pros & Cons of Hitch-hiking tour) 1985 Judas Priest w/Dokken 1986 Accept w/Helix & Keel 1985 Lord Tracy 1990 (very cool band if you've never heard of them) Chuck Mangione (2x) 1982 both times Buddy Guy (2x) w/then 12 year old Derek Trucks 1991, and 2004 at HOB Orlando BB King w/Tinsley Ellis 1991 Damn Yankees w/Jackyl 1993 (just for the record Jackyl sucks BDD) .38 Special (2x) w/Ted Nugent 1987 & w/Marshall Tucker Band 1992 Better Than Ezra 1996 Love/Hate 1990 Faith No More w/Helmet 1992 Jimmy Buffet 1995 (yes, I am a parrothead - Hi Ken!!) Ziggy Marley 1995 Pink Floyd at the Metrodome in Minneapolis 1988 "I'm not worthy" Alice Cooper (2x) w/Vinnie Vincent Invasion 1986 and w/Guns n Roses 1987 (right before GNR got HUGE) Gregg Allman & Friends w/BTO 1987 Starship w/Joe Walsh - possibly the worst show ever Triumph 1986 Travis Tritt 1992 Megadeth w/Suicidal Tendencies 1992 Nazareth 1982 The Outlaws w/Blackfoot 1981 Black Uhuru w/Andrew Tosh & Kenny Rankin 1993 Concrete Blonde 1992 Warrant w/Kingdom Come 1989 Edie Brickell & New Bohemians w/Blue Rodeo Living Colour (2x) 1989 & 1991 David Lee Roth w/Cinderella & Extreme 1991 Black Crowes 1992 Yellowjackets 1994 Nightranger w/Y&T 1984 The Go-Gos w/A Flock of Seagulls 1982 (c'mon now, I had a date for this one) Adam Ant 1983 (no date - had to take my sister and her friends) Billy Squier w/Saga 1983 Eddie Money - 1982 Zebra 1983 Roxx Gang 1989 Whitesnake w/Great White 1989 Delbert McClinton 1996 - and upcoming I have Tix for 02/18/05 to see Delbert McClinton at The Tampa Theatre - www.tampatheatre.org - very cool place - sorry to run so long on this - I guess I've been blessed to have the opportunity to see so many shows. Hopefully there are many more to come. Get out and see whatever you can that appeals to you. SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC - the bands make WAYYYYYY more money on touring and merchandise than they do on record or cd sales.
  22. I got to see them twice - 1st time opening for Ozzy on his Ultimate Sin tour (1985 roughly) - Queensryche was touring for "Rage For Order" and they smoked Ozzy hard - he was waddling aroung like he had twenty pound roids - I remember "Gonna Get Close To You" was big on MTV at the time (you know, when MTV played videos?) and they just rocked out. 2nd time was on the Mindcrime tour opening for Metallica on their "...and justice for all..." tour - IMO Metallica was in their prime at this point - they went limp after that release save one or two decent cuts - Queensryche was excellent - the sound and presentation were top notch - and it was the last show of the tour for them so Metallica and their crew came out during Queensryche's last song and emptied what must've been 50 cans of silly string on them. Guess you had to be there......
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