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  1. Wow, Edna, thanks a lot! That's exactly what I needed - some definitive information. I googled about every possible combination, but I didn't try 'story'. Very nice!!! I knew it was Marley, but you can't explain that to a know-it-all. I lived and breathed Marley through my high school and college years. Always blaring from my speakers during the summer! I think I had everything he ever released. Anway, I say your Beatles avatar. I love the Beatles, but I wouldn't want to get into a Beatles/Stones argument with you. Something tells me you could hold your own. I guess they're differen
  2. Can anybody disprove that Bob Marley had nothing to do with the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? I know it's mislabeled all over the net on random lyrics pages and such - do a google - but something definitive would be nice. Peace, Stoddardvilla :guitar:
  3. Thanks, I think we're both right! I knew Marley died in 1981 of cancer, but this guy claims Marley recorded it years before McFerrin. As you might be able to guess, I'm not a big fan of "this guy" at work, he's a bit of a know-it-all, which is fine when he starts talking about cars, engineering jargon, sh*t like that, but when he starts to claim he's omniscient about Music I have to intervene. You see, music is my passion, and he justs likes to be right (even when he's wrong). Other people are fooled by his psuedo-knowledge, but now I know for certain - he is FULL OF SH*T! Claims he kno
  4. Hi, first post here, I was just curious. I'm a huge Marley fan. I thought I knew everything about Bob. Anyway, some guy at work swears that Bob Marley sang "Don't Worry Be Happy". I was under the impression that this was Bobby McFerrin's song back in the late 80's. I've never heard a Bob Marley version of this. Does anyone know if he wrote it? If he did, did he ever record it? I've seen this song mislabeled in friends MP3 collections as well tagging it as a Marley song when it's clearly McFerrin singing. Any input would help me resolve this dispute. Please help!!! :guitar:
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