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  1. :beady: no other guesses?
  2. Oh! :: Not correct but you get a point for guessing! I actually don't think too many people will know this. Their not a very famous band, I only know of them because they recently played in Ottawa and some older students at my school love them.
  3. what?!?!?!!?!! explain! details! lol
  4. Who couldn't resist that face? But really, I feel bad for him! Who dumps a rocker?!?!!?!
  5. I liked that! It's very inspirational! :happybanana: :happybanana: ::
  6. nothings free on the internet...EVERYTHING has some sort of catch, but if you do happen to find it or if someone knows...do tell! Sorry I can't be of more help, but that is just my exprience with "free things" on the internet
  7. I think LedStones/DC is on the right track with thinking those bands will be the new RNR. Those bands along with the following are the future of rock: The Killers Weezer ( I know they've been around for ten years, but I think they'll be back) Velvet Revolver Sam Roberts and I can't think of anymore, but they ARE some good rock bands around that aren't this punk sh*t. The only new "punk" band I like is Sum 41. Listen to "We're All to Blame".
  8. Damn brad. I guess I need to try and stump you too. Standings: earth-angel: 26 brad: 15 edna: 1 syd: 5 New Photo: What band?
  9. "I GOT A FEVER.........AND THE ONLY PERSCRIPTION IS MORE COWBELL!!!" I love cowbell! Down On The Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel Low Rider - War Drive My Car - The Beatles You Can't Do That - The Beatles
  10. Metal will never be dead as long as keep listening to the old stuff! I'm sorry, but today's "metal" bands just suck. But as long as we have Black Sabbath, GNR, Van Halen, and other good metal records...it will live on.
  11. Good job brad...I actually figured you would get that one for that very reason Standing: earth-angel: 26 brad: 10 edna: 1 syd: 5 New One: Whose this guy?
  12. Here's the new one: I have a feeling everyone is going to know this one too...
  13. Hey! Syd came outta nowhere! Lol, good job! Your on the scoreboard! Hahaha, earth-angel didn't even get a chance! earth-angel: 26 brad: 5 edna: 1 syd: 5
  14. Sugar! Money! Guns n' Roses! Shopping! Rollercosters!
  15. That's a hard- hitting poem... very scary that that happens to people.
  16. I love Led Zeppelin. I also love how much controversey they seemed to stir "back in the day". Here are some of the rumours/stories/myths I have heard: - Plant and Page were into the Occult stuff ( I think thats actually true) - The band sold their souls to the devil to make it big. - Stairway played backwards says...well, everyone knows that one. - Stairway to Heaven was conceived by Plant and Page at the same time and written in an hour, so therefore the devil helped ( this one is coming from a religion teacher at my school, who absolutely hates Led Zeppelin) - The incredible infamous "Red Snapper" incident. Very disgusting, I'm not going to describe it, but I hear it involved only Bonham and the manager. If you want to find out more about this one...google it, or maybe another brave soul will post it. Thoughts on any of these? :guitar:
  17. Wow, your right...I can tell by Paul Stanley. Damn.
  18. Ok, so that's a yes for Carly Simon? :: ok ok, I guess I'm gonna have to get real serious if I want to stump earth-angel. earth-angel: 26 brad: 5 edna: 1
  19. Haha, well at least edna thought it was hard! Jeeze earth-angel, your good at this! earth-angel: 21 brad: 5 edna: 1 and since edna kinda tried, I'll give her a point Here's another one: You guys will probably get this one right away...
  20. Ok ok I'll try and get some hard ones. Brad: 5 earth-angel:16 heres the new one: what band?
  21. Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels Best. Ending. Ever. It's just so clever and keeps you guessing and wondering! You can even make up your own ending! It's smart, very smart.
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