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  1. I agree with Windy, somewhat. I do consider Stevie a blues artist first, it's a version of contemporary blues, maybe even can be considered "rockin' blues" in many songs. But it's still blues, IMO. Like all contemporary blues artists he was influenced by the traditional, or Delta blues style of Johnson, Waters, both Kings, Howlin' Wolf, and others. Blues music, like anything else, changes over the years. That just makes for a greater variety for all of us to experience! Some people consider traditional blues to be the only "true" blues - and that's fine with me...I have plenty of it in my collection...but there are many other blues styles that I consider to be true to the form. My opinion only....peace all.
  2. I saw ELO in '78 on that tour where they had that HUGE flying saucer stage, and they also got into trouble for using pre-recorded music, I was disappointed in them. One of the cellos was cool though, it was transparent-blue and had some funky lights in it. Alice Cooper
  3. Junior, you're going through exactly what I went through about 12 years ago....it's a wonderful eye opener. Buddy Guy and the rest of those mentioned are all excellent and have made their respected marks on rock music. Some continue to put out great music. Another name I might add would be Albert Collins, pick up COLD SNAP from around 1986, also give as much listen as you can to Freddie King, many a guitar legend has cited Mr. King as a major influence. I also like a lot of the youngsters (at the time) from Great Britain who were blown away by American blues: Peter Green with Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and many more...ask Bluesboy. There are also many current American "White Boys" doing some amazing fretwork, like Chris Duarte, Walter Trout, Smokin' Joe Kubek, Eric Johnson, and of course Johnny Winter. Check out Little Charlie and the Nightcats too. There are so many...you will have a great time discovering all the blues has to offer. Oh yeah, listen to a blues channel on satellite radio if you can, that's the best way to discover what you like...Oh man, this is my longest post ever...sorry!! I could go on forever.... have fun!
  4. Annabelle's must be Oasis. So here goes: 1. Formed in Tempe, Arizona in late 80's. 2. Two albums only, both charted top 30 in the 90's. 3. Founder and lead guitarist shot himself to death while first album was dominating the airwaves.
  5. I feel honored to have stumped the mighty miamisammy (actually I don't feel good about it at all ) these guys were appearantly more obscure than I thought. okay...band formed by three founding members of the Yardbirds, but not the legendary guitarists or the lead singer....and there's not much else to report on these guys because they didn't make much of a dent on the music scene, even though it seems to me they should have.
  6. Nope. My bad...Beck guested on their 1984 album, and Jimmy Page guested on their 1986 album. Both legends were members of this band's former group (the British invasion one). This is getting confusing :: We can move on if you all would like.......
  7. "Physical Grafitti" held my attention for quite some time. :guitar:
  8. Asia is not what I was thinking........Jeff Beck played with his former mates on their second album (1986). (This band was pretty obscure)
  9. I'm running outta material here.....time to search the web :: 1. short-lived "supergroup" (2 albums) 2. 80's 3. formed mostly from members of former British Invasion band
  10. hey edna - what's the boyfriend/hollywood connection? never heard that one before. was it Peter Wolf?
  11. Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV, HOTH, PG, Presence Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky is Cyring The Who - Quadrophenia Albert King - Live at Montreaux
  12. Even though I only hear them this time of year, I really do like them.
  13. Those of us who are old enough will always remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news this day in 1980. I'm still numb. John: We're all better off because you walked among us...Thanks Bro.
  14. I have read several books on the blues and the one that stands as a "must read" for anybody doing research or just wanting to learn more about the history of the blues is HERE "The Land Where the Blues Began" by Alan Lomax.
  15. no, sorry WFMRTC. That band was formed in Ireland.
  16. sorry for the delay...actually had to work#%$*& 1. band named for a 17th century murderess. 2. formed in Florida. 3. covered Allman Bros. and Stones songs early on.
  17. Some not mentioned: Paul Rogers (esp. on "Seagull") Greg Lake Chris Robinson (for his stage show) James Dewar
  18. Very nice list Crystal Here's mine: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd Allman Brothers Beatles Stevie Ray Vaughan & DT The Who The Stones Jimi Hendrix Experience The Eagles Springsteen/Yes//Doors (I actually have a list of my top 100)
  19. "I'm Looking Through You" by the Beatles (what I'm listening to at the moment)
  20. I'll throw another wild guess out there.........Foo Fighters?
  21. according to neck-and-neck.com they were named after their "habitual financial state." I guess that all changed after their first LP!
  22. JETHRO TULL - named for a 18th century agriculturist and inventor. THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND - was printed on the key ring for the building they practiced in. Later discovered MT was a blind piano tuner that used the same building. ::
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