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  1. I'm interested in knowing who sings that song in the new cotton commercial... here are the lyrics: "i'm missing you again, my heart's been wondering where you've been, another dream i had of you, and now my heart is blue, i'm missing you again."
  2. 99 bottles of beer on the wall
  3. Thank you bluesboy for helping out. I didn't know much about him, but I found him. He was more of a ragtime musician, but influenced blues in some way i guess. He composed "Michigan Water Blues." His name is:tony jackson
  4. no i have not. thank you for that. i'll try to look for my answer there.
  5. this was kind of a broad question. I know it isn't W.C. Handy. The guy I'm talking about died before recording was possible. He was very well known. I first learned about him through personal research and again in a music class. Every time I hear about him people say that it was unfortunate that no one will ever hear his music, because the technology wasn't available yet. His name has slipped from my mind over the years, and it is bothering me. Its okay.
  6. Several years ago I was doing some research on the blues. I learned about one of the first blues artists, who was very popular but never released any recordings because they didn't have the technology back then. I forgot his name, and I was wondering if anyone knew who I was talking about.
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