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  1. did I say Already Gone? I meant what you said
  2. I used to think I was pretty hot s**t 'til I joined Songfacts...there are so many brilliant people here. But thank you Edna Funny thing about Cheap Trick, I never liked them when they were popular in late '70's - early 80's. But I have seen them in concert a couple of times recently and they did great shows...and have a very loyal following. Another thing I respect about them is they are still together as the original four guys And I did not know about the Double Fanatsy sessions...thanks for that info, Edna enough rambling..... 1. Blue-eyed soulsters of the mid-late sixties. 2. New York City. 3. Refused to tour on bills that were not racially integrated.
  3. From "Already Gone": "I was standin' on a corner In Winslow, Arizona Such a fine sight to see. It's a girl my lord In a flat bed Ford Slowin' down to take a look at me." Winslow is a pretty small city about a 3 hour drive from my hometown. They put up a statue and plaque, with the above lyrics, on the corner of the main street in tribute to the song. Eagle Greatest Hits '71 - '75 - over 28 million albums sold, #1 all time.(US) I like "James Dean" and "On the Border" from their 2nd album.
  4. Mott, c'est bon, Edna Your turn to post one dearie.
  5. none of the above. These dudes formed in 1969 and began disbanding around '74, made many personnel changes in a short time.
  6. either: Aragorn, aka Strider, from Lord of the Rings or Bluto Blutarsky
  7. no...weren't they named for a character in a novel? Anyway, not who I was thinking of.
  8. LOL :: Oooo, sorry Edna, I promise to never leave out the appropriate graemlin ever again. new one: 1. Band's name comes from a novel. 2. They were responsible for Royal Albert Hall banning rock shows for several years. 3. Leader wrote a book about the rock n roll life.
  9. alright, alright, stop your yelling! It's The Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna? Jorma Koukannemmnnann, Jack Cassidy. okay, okay, okay. (They were before my time) But I LOVE them! They were an awesome band fer sure.
  10. Spencer Haywood? just kidding Edna ...must be The Spencer Davis Group. Ratdog is Bob Weir's band with other former members of the Dead.
  11. Before ELO became ELO they put out some really good records. El Dorado is one of my all-time favorite albums ( Boy Blue, Illusions in G Major) . But for those who haven't heard any of their very early stuff check out: "Kuiama" from ELO II. It doesn't sound like any of the pop-ish ELO but you can definitely hear the beginnings of their later material. It's a beautifully haunting long song, and is also included on their early hits record, ELO OLE. I Love ELO!
  12. Yes Edna, you are correct...excellent now for yours......hmmmmmm... CCR?
  13. I'm back! :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: (first ever use of banana, but I think it's okay considering...) Boy, that server ate me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. :: Edna, I'll have a guess for yours shortly... ::
  14. Jerry Garcia played pedal steel guitar on CSNY's "Teach Your Children" (and played poorly according to JG). James Taylor played banjo on Neil Young's "Old Man."
  15. I don't know why I'm admitting this..."Field Of Dreams"....when Costner says "Dad, you wanna have a catch?"
  16. Sorry for the delay...... :: 1. Formed in the 70's in the home (US) state of a major songfactor. 2. Front man was a baseball player before going musical. 3. Appeared at LIVE AID.
  17. NAN, ever hear of the Blues? If you don't like blues music or will never listen to it then you will never hear the greatest harmonica the world has ever produced. Try this blues harmonica site. If you prefer 60's - 70's blues rock the check out: The J. Geils Band, specifically the song "Whammer Jammer", amazing. Or John Mayall's groundbreaking "Room To Move". It doesn't get much better than those two. The Fabulous Thunderbirds utilize a lot of harmonica which is also very good for white boy Kim Wilson from SoCal. If you prefer only music styles from the last 10-15 years, well then you should probably give up your pursuit on great harmonica and instead for look "great screaming" or maybe "worlds best lip-synchors."
  18. not Sam and Dave, though they are a good subject.
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