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  1. I'd like to have my own Studio to produce music in, with a label and everything, that would be cool...but I dont think thats happening, only a dream ::
  2. I'd say either... Waste - Staind Follow - Breaking Benjamin So Cold - Breaking Benjamin Rest in Peices - Saliva Cold - Crossfade one of them
  3. oh yeah eh, all the time eh....no we dont ALL say eh, I do when I'm trying to be the stereotypical form of the Canadian...
  4. This one is probably my favorite right now...its Breaking Benjamin...anyways gotta split Peace ~Marko
  5. I have one to add to that.... WE DO HAVE RUNNING WATER AND ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!!! ::
  6. Offspring - Americana and it got scratched to hell, so I pitched it cuz it wouldn't play anymore
  7. I've been to 2 wrestling events, a televised show and then a house show for the WWE formerly the WWF but yeah it was fun indeed, I wouldn't go back anymore, because I have out grown it.
  8. I agree Mairi I think there is too much emphasis on making serious songs, people need to let loose and have fun sometimes, and thats what the Bloodhound Gang is doing, and i respect them for that
  9. marko90

    A Survey

    how old are you? 18 left or right handed? right zodiac sign? Cancer Flavor of ice cream? Rolo been on an airplane? no Like Neil Diamond? NO Black or blue ink? Blue right or left side of the bed? sprawled in the middle How tall are you? 6'1 like cheese? sure Why songfacts name? my nickname (Marko) and my favorite number (90) worst subject? math Favorite book? Dreamcatcher - Stephen King What's you favorite vacation, camping, travel, beach, sit around the house etc...? Camping What do you do when you're sad? listen to music and write Whom do you aspire to be like? Preist Holmes (a pro American football player) Are you ticklish? nope Are you a good dancer? how bout no What´s your favorite drug? love What do you drive? 1988 Capice Classic Coke or Pepsi? PEPSI!!!!! Are you more like your mother or your father? Little of both Do the cops have your mug shot on file? nope Any unusual scars or interesting birthmarks?scar from my surgery Ever modelled? NNNOOOOOOO Can you sing?I try Favorite Pink Floyd song? dont really like pinmk Floyd Favourite Beatle? dont like the beatles Favourite song of all time? rest in Peices - Saliva Do you have any pets? Rocket my puppy Least Favourite band? Jet! Favorite band of all time?
  10. The song is ACTUALLY called "Bad Touch"
  11. That was very well done man!! keep it up!
  12. "Bring me to Life" - Evanescence "Everything about you" - Three Days Grace "Sold Me" Seether "So Cold" - Breaking Benjamin "outisde" Staind"
  13. I agree Mairi their songs are funny...but thats about it
  14. well if I were the other guy, shaky relationship or not I'd send you the song "Get your hands off my woman" by the Darkness, I say if its shaky sit back, befreind her and wait dont try and move in on her now, thats not cool!! Marko
  15. I got a Car Stereo with the Accessories along with it
  16. I agree Mairi you have an excellent talent there, it is something you have or its something you dont, you cannot learn to be creative... You my freind are VERY creative and have the talent to express it to others...kudos!!
  17. It will be to a slower tune, I haven't written the music to it yet.
  18. This is my newest, I wrote it about relationships and how you can be blind in them, and once its over you are haunted by the one you love/loved YOU STILL HAUNT ME [Verse 1] I can still hear your voice, I can still taste you I can still feel you next to me I can still hear the words you spoke {Chorus} I guess you still haunt me, I still love you But you don?t love back My heart sinks as I realize, We are?over [Verse 2] You still have control over me I am still in love with you Nothing seems to be right without you here All I wanted was for you to be near! I wanted you here beside me forever, Now you stand one step further away! I am leaving your thoughts today. I guess it really wasn?t meant to be {Chorus} I guess you still haunt me, I still love you But you don?t love back My heart sinks as I realize, We are?over [Verse 3] I can still hear those voices, They told me everything you weren?t But I guess they knew the real you And you were an imposter around me! I never thought that could be, A girl so sweet, a girl so innocent, Now I realize you aren?t who you pretended to be {Chorus} I guess you still haunt me, I still love you But you don?t love back My heart sinks as I realize, We are?over [Verse 4] Please, get out of my head! You are running me tired You had me running blind You had me knowing a different person To my friends I should have listened! I ended up the one getting hurt, All that remains of me are pieces, I need to pick them up, I need to move on For we are?over ß (Repeat 3 times)
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