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  1. What I've learned from all this is I've seriously doubted our nation's tastes for interesting television. When I first heard that Jessic Simpson was going to have her own reality series I predicted it would bomb. No need to tell you what happened with the show. Then later on i find out Jessica has a little sis who wants in on the action and her on reality show as well. I immediatley figured it would do terrible as well and she'd be humilitated because she would realize she never would achieve the same success her sister. Proved wrong again. I really need meet these people that make these shows such hits.
  2. Wow I find it strange that "Stairway to Heaven" wasn't mentioned. When I think of a song having a backwards message my mind automattically thinks of that and the famous my sweet satan reference. Well anyway if you havent listened to it, theres alot of websites that have it and its pretty interesting.
  3. Haha, I actually liked Coolio's version when i first heard it which is surprising because I live in Texas and am much removed from the gangster scene.
  4. i dont know if this counts and probably doesnt otherwise it would have already been posted. But in Zeppelins "Dazed and Confused" he says in the first line "Ive been dazed and confused for so long..."
  5. I agree the music lacks an element of lets say artistic originaltiy considering its extremely repetive and follows a formula. But before I make it sound as though I totally disrespect it, I must say that you really need to get in the scene for at least one night. The music can really capture you and give you this feeling of futuristic hypnosis. Of course this is much easier felt if you do a couple tabs of X, or not even that. This may sound childish but if you just take some kind of cough suppressant that has dextrometmorphan in it then you would still feel that robotrip sensation. But don't take CCCs, I've known people who've overdosed on that and theres nothing more embarrassing than being in the hospital because you've overdosed on cough medicine.
  6. I'd have to say I like alot of the music I listen to isbecause of my dad and his obsession with playing the drums and having the upmost respect for creators of solos like Bonzo's "Moby Dick".But then again alot of music I discovered on my own and I don't necessarily know why. I do know I've always tried not to let what others think about certain group affect my first opinion of them. I just like what pleases me I guess.
  7. I happened to watch that same infomercial as well. I think he looked like he sold out because he pretty much spent an hour exchanging cheesy lines with that one chick. I never could see the point in paying so much money for a compliation album when you can download the songs. The point of spending money on a specific album is so you can enjoy the entire length of creativity that came from that artist in that specific time period, not just the singles.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. In the movie that recently came out "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" its was extrememly dumb considering the ultimate goal throughout the entire film was to get some white castle hamburgers. It was really a parody of the buddy comedy that our culture has grown fond of with cheesy flicks from the 80's like Weird Science and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Anyway, I have to say Harold and Kumar is a great relief and a great movie.
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