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  1. well i am mostly a rock fan myself but you never know how much fun it is to do a 1-3 hour drive listening to just disney soundtrack cds, i did that once and let me tell you i never will watch the Little Mermaid and be the same again!
  2. that place rocks, i have a name there and it is my online journal, i have like forty journals at home all half-full, eventually i get to lazy to write in it but then i started to write almost weekly or daily with the xanga! keep the power alive! ...but if people read some of the entries they would be totally lost and think i was nuts
  3. haha mine is WORSE! ....its the Disney Aladdin soundtrack!! hahahah
  4. [ strokes invisible goatee ]
  5. hey, whats the most embarrassing cd that you own?
  6. i liked both movies really well the are much, much, MUCH better than daredevil [shakes head] they shouldnt even produced that movie, but i dont like how the spiderman movies dont follow the comics' plot lines, but i guess they want to please the people...besides as everyone says to me once i beef about it, "its just based on the comics...besides Spiderman and MJ are meant to be together!" herm, i liked things to follow...follow...follow what it is suppose to be! spiderman had other lovers you know! but i would have to say i like Green Goblin better. how did everyone like the ending with Ha
  7. i have actually never seen the original, when i heard about it hitting theaters i was really interested in going to see it but i never ended going, when i finally saw it i was at home and was expecting a load of gory details but it didnt have as much i thought. i am a freak though, of course you all probably remember when Leatherface had that other guys' face on (sorry can't remember the name : i actually PAUSED it to get a better look! ahhh i know! i am a weirdo, :: , then at the end it had the "real footage" stuff i even paused it when it had Leatherface's face. i sat there my eyes glued to
  8. oh please, guys and their porn flicks :sleepy:
  9. i love ashton as Kelso in that 70s show, but really i am not that into celebrity crushes and all that
  10. haha Doris Day, you know just a few weeks ago i was home sick, being a lazy couch blob and Pillow Talk came on with Doris Day, "you are MY inspirATION...", ah good times. just a story for all you...late listeners...lol
  11. well for "inspiration" for writing i don't nessescarily (sp?)get pumped up and itch to write from people most of the time i am seeing something that just sparks and i feel like writing about it in song or just a story or whatever. some songs really inpsire me to write also
  12. I agree with the Julie Andrews she does great at both singing and acting, though i didnt like her character much in the princess diary stuff the whole "shut up" thing was milked to much ::
  13. this movie has to be on my favorites list. i first heard about the Butterfly Effect becoming a movie, i wasnt that interested because i am a heavy reader and i love to read and i had read the BE novel and wasnt expecting it to be good so i just didnt watch it. later on my best friend was telling me about it and mentioned that ashton was in and i turned my nose down on it even more. i thought ashton was great in that 70s show but i couldnt see him in BE. about three months after it came out i decided to see it anyways and it turned out a lot better than i expected it to. ashton did a great
  14. i hate when they take great movies and they just need to make a sequel just ruin it by dragging it out. they do that a lot with tv series also, but the worst sequel i think is doing Grease 2, those whole connect by the cousins thing is stupid even though i did laugh at some of the stuff in Grease 2...lol
  15. i first saw it when i went down to georgia to see my sister and we had bought it that night and the entire family saw it together and when the whole porn star people came on i felt like stuffing my face into the cushions sitting there with my dad and older brother...lol
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