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  1. Eva had a beautiful voice, she could sing any song and make it sound Heavenly, it's such a shame we didnt get to hear more.
  2. How about this one? Levon Helm - Drums, Vocals. Rick Danko - Bass, Vocals. Richard Manuel - Piano, Vocals. Garth Hudson - Organ, Saxophone. Robbie Robertson - Guitar Sounds Incredible!
  3. Probably...One of the Best Albums ever made, and it was recorded in only ten days! Whitlock wrote Bell bottom blues with E.C But was never credited for it. Jim Gordon the Drummer wrote the Beautiful piano part, which is amazing for a drummer. I Named my baby Daughter's middle name LAYLA because i love the album so much.
  4. Robert Randolph Band were fantastic i loved how they switched instruments during the show :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:
  5. The Shangri-La studio was owned and used by THE BAND in the mid 70's to write and record their last few albums you can see Rick Danko(bass player) showing Martin Scoresese around the studio in the film "the Last Waltz".
  6. Also inspired by Chet Atkins, Knopler Played in a band called THE NOTTING HILLBILLIES as well
  7. Looks okay for that Money But some times, you could get a better second hand guitar for the same money
  8. I think it's Derek & the Dominoes E.C Carl Radle Jim Gordon Bobby Whitlock
  9. Ive just found out That Jim Gordon Played Drums on 80 Yes Eighty Albums from 1966-1977 thats 80 albums in 11 years , thats 7.27 albums a year , But since 1983 he has never been able to play is Drums again, Because he Killed his Mum
  10. i think the Thrills have some new stuff coming out?
  11. give us more clues sounds sad
  12. Steely Dans Outro to Hey Nineteen "the cuervo gold the fine colombian make tonight a wonderful thing". with the fender rhodes picking out timely stabs and the beat is to perfection
  13. there was no greater sound in rock than the Hammond Organ Here are some of the Great players: Steve Winwood Garth Hudson Billy Preston Bobby Whitlock Gregg Allman Jon Lord Tony Kaye Jimmy Smith Chuck Leveall
  14. Oasis are massively Overated here in the U.K Hopefully they'll be forgotten soon
  15. The Stone Roses still have a strong cult following, wishing they would re form and start touring i wonder if they have any fans across the atlantic
  16. Have you ever met a Famous Musician , Singer or Band? What was your experience? I used to work in a Guitar shop, where i met quite a few Artists to Name a few: Edward Van Halen Bryan Adams The Stone Roses Neil Finn Tony Iommi Paul Jones Steve Howe Rick Wakeman Happy Mondays Chumbawamba Johnny Marr Noel Gallagher Norman Cook(Fatboy Slim) Burt Weedon Martin Taylor
  17. my local city is Sheffield Hometown of - Joe Cocker Pulp Def Leopard Tony Christie Paul Carrack Saxon John Parr Leslie Garett Honky
  18. Clapton wrote" Layla "and "Wonderful tonight" for her and george wrote "Something" for her
  19. David Gray released a song last year called THE OTHER SIDE
  20. Bron Yr Aur is the cottage where they used to write and record in Wales
  21. how about Too old to rock n roll- Jethro Tull i used to play this to my dad when he turned 50. or you could really upset them with When i Die - Blood Sweat & Tears but i dont think they'll talk to you ever again it is a very funny song though
  22. what about the chords to AWAKEN ?
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