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  1. After seeing Clapton there is no doubt he is the King..the guitar is like apart of his body..no effort involved and he climaxes with every strum..an unbelievable gift he has!!
  2. 1..Mission Impossible I..this one rocks.. 2..The Graduate..all except for Scarborough Fair 3..City of Angels I also like Interview With A Vampire's last track..if I remember correctly it is GunsNRoses singing "Sympathy For the Devil"..it kicks..
  3. Everlast has a song on his first release, I think it is called "Choices"..it covers about everything..good tune!!
  4. We were fortunate enough to sit in the company of Eric Clapton and watch him make the guitars cry..awesome!! His warm up act however was this incredible quartet..Robert plays a wicked steel guitar..took the crowd to their feet. You have to check them out if you have the opportunity.
  5. David Lee Roth caused a lot of grief. Band is not the same without him though. This doesn't change the simple fact that Eddie and Alex are phenomenal and Sammy ROCKS!!!
  6. i thought Santana..did they cover it?
  7. Have you considered The Red Hot Chili Peppers? "Californication"... the album...and it is definitely a must have for your collection..."Other Side" is on this cd. Hope this is the version you're searching for!!
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