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  1. True, Peter's was the least like a tradition Kiss album, and there were a few songs on there I enjoyed for a time. But over-all, it just wasn't anything special, just kind of blah,IMO. His covers of 'Tossin' and Turnin' and 'That's the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes' were pretty good. Gene's solo, while goofy for sure, did have some interesting things sprinkled throughout. The female backing vocals are very good, especially on 'Burning Up With Fever'. 'See You Tonight','Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide' are probably my favorites. What was a real treat for true Kiss fans, was the remake of 'See You in Your Dreams', with Rick Neilson's lead solo blistering the tune. Paul's was, to agree with you, kind of wishy washy. Easily the most pop of the four. He's an underrated vocalist, and that was the highlight of his entire album. Powerful vocals, if not powerful lyrics. (But hey, Kiss has never been lauded as great songwriters) 'Tonight You Belong to Me', 'Move On, and 'Love in Chains' are my favorites here. 'Hold Me,Touch Me' makes my gag reflex work.. Ace's solo, while way weak in the singing, (but we Kiss fans knew that going in) was probably the best, musically. His definately starts out the hottest, with 'Rip it Out'. The one song I thought was awful was the one that sold a million copies,'New York Groove'. 'Snowblind' kicks a$$, and 'Fractured Mirror' is very interesting. I agree, Ken, with your statement, that it was an ugly time for Kiss, but some good stuff is there. On 'Music From the Elder', 'Dark Light, 'Only You, and 'I' are all good songs, but the writing was on the wall for us Kiss fans by then. How long did you reject Kiss when they took off the makeup? I bought 'Lick it Up', but my heart wasn't in it. I completely ignored them for maybe 5 years. Oh, I saw the random video, all in pastels and frills. Nah, I'll pass. I think I started to come back when they released 'Forever'. For some reason, I liked that one more than any of their other non-makeup stuff. But I still hadn't bought anything since 'Lick it Up'. I had converted to cd in that time, but didn't buy any Kiss, until one day I picked up 'Rock and Roll Over' at a used cd place. Man, it was on after that. I bought two or three a week until I had all the stuff I grew up with.I went nuts, discovering all the great stuff over again. It was brand new again. Watchin You, Getwawy, Rock Bottom, Let Me Go, Rock and Roll, Flamin' Youth, Plaster Caster...man, I was in heaven. then one night, while watching the Music Awards with my wife, they were introduced, and came walking out in full, glory days battle gear, I looked at my wife and said "I don't care what it costs, I'm going". She just said "I know" Well, now I'm tired of typing.
  2. Image over substance. I'd be curious to hear bluesboy's opinion on this matter. ::
  3. Edna, my dear, I always thought Ansley Dunbar's snare drum sounded sort of mushy. I like a snare with some pop, zing, and just a touch of ping, if that makes any sense.
  4. Sorry, Sue. Anything less than, say, 15 years old or so, I'm afraid I don't know it.
  5. Ken, i think that since this thread has your name on it, we should get some Kiss talk in. All you haters and bashers are free to take your shots. It's not like we fans haven't heard it all before. Anyway, Ken, I had a random KISS cd I burned playing in the car on the way home from work, and the songs that played were Detroit RC (AliveIII version), then Dr. Love (the original, and best, IMO), then...let me think....Save Your Love (great lead solo), Hooligan, Love in Chains, and Radioactive. I actually sat in the driveway listenting to that last one. I love the bass in it. As far as the solos go, Paul's was best, right out of the gate, but I believe Gene's is more interesting, musically. Ace's is ok,but Peter's , I can barely listen to. Ok, anybody else want to join in the fun? Bash away, non fans.
  6. We also have Prince.....who's a frog. Or a toad. Whatever.
  7. _jr_

    Red Sox 2004

    How long before they find the guy who was also alive for their last championship? And you know they will... I'm a lifetime Orioles fan, so there's no love lost with the Sox or the Yanks. I must admit, though, this feels pretty good. The people of Boston deserve this. Like I said, I'm an Orioles fan, but I'm also a lifetime baseball fan, as well. Plus, any time you can thumb your nose at a Yankees fan, that's bonus points.
  8. Well, chimpie, I think it's because you're African American, that people may be uneasy with the term "chimp", feeling it will be percieved as a derogatory term towards you, even though it's not. Chimpie seems more like a nickname, though. Like somebody you grew up with on your block, Chubby, Skip, or something like that. I actually grew up with a guy we called Booger, cause he always had a finger up his nose. Also, there was a guy named Trig, because he was doing trigonometry by the 4th grade. He graduated when he was 12, I think. Anyway, now I've lost my train of thought...
  9. I like the one that gets turned off as I blow by it on tv. That's my favorite.
  10. 61 Highway ~ Mississippi Fred McDowell. Piece of cake.
  11. Tommy Lee was on Live with Larry King last night (Tuesday 10/26). The usual reasons a person shows up...got a book, telling 'his side of things', got a reality thing coming out. Did anyone else see it? One interesting point he made was that with all the controversy in his life, i.e., 'the tape', kicking his wife, jail, the drowning death, etc, etc, etc, he said (I'm paraphrasing) "I could have fought back and slung the mud right with them, but I chose to take the high road and say nothing." High road indeed. Also, he kept licking his lips, to the point that it was a distraction. Does this mean he was on some type of drug?
  12. Well, Sammy, now I know there's another one out there, but that's about it. The only effect it had on me is to confirm what I already knew: Today's music is in a sorry state. By the way...I just realized you spell it "Sammy". All this time, I'd been typing "Sammie". Sorry.
  13. I don't have a problem with gay people. It's their choice. Do I condone homosexuality? No. But that doesn't give me the right to point a finger at anyone and condemn the way they choose to live their life. I do, however, find it a bit hypocritical for people to say "Don't stereotype us", then march in the Gay Pride parades wearing tiny shiny pants and and make up and prancing around, doing exactly what they are so appalled about. To answer someone's question, no, someone being gay doesn't affect me or my life in any way, shape or form.
  14. Mairi, I'm not going to tell you again about apologizing for your work. :beady: As far as the poem goes,I like the way it ends. I feel as if I've been left hanging...what the heck happens next?
  15. Keen. I rock. According to CD, I live under one.
  16. Nah, it's just not my generation, is all. When I watch tv, I flip right on past all the MTV, 'celebrity news' shows, etc. When they showed a picture of that Simpson girl on the news Sunday morning, I thought it was Paris Hilton in a wig. you be the judge.
  17. Mission control...we have a Ken sighting....
  18. Anyone participate in that 'Hands Across America' deal? I did.
  19. Do you have to buy two seats when you travel? Just wondering.....
  20. Mairi, first of all, don't ever apologize before you post your work. It's your own creation, be proud of it. If someone finds it not to their liking, that's their problem, not yours. Secondly, I enjoyed it.
  21. Chris, you are sooooo fired. Clean out your desk.
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