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  1. Often times at the download sites, the incorrect artist is put with the song. That could be your friend's mix up.
  2. "Don't you want to be a hero like the rest of us?" "A hero is a big sandwich you eat. Woof woof. Woofwoofwoof" Great flick.
  3. Give me an hour. I'll give you Stevie Ray.
  4. Unc, does Andre Gardner get on your nerves? I can't take him. DeBella can't ever just say "I". Every time, he'll say "I,I, I,I,..." before he finally spits out what it is he's trying to say. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention, so it can bug you as much as it bugs me. Once you notice it, you can't 'un-notice' it.
  5. I'd be interested in hearing some of these bands I keep hearing all these young folks speak of.
  6. In a totally unrelated matter, the part on "The Wall", when the school teacher is yelling,(with the helicopter in the background) "You...yes,you! I don't even have any patience! ...I'm...still waiting!" Anyway, that's what I hear. Carry on.
  7. Said the boy with no hair on his chest.
  8. Jesus Christ Superstar West Side Story
  9. Alice Cooper ~ Wish You Were Here
  10. I'll burn a cd and drop it off at the studio.
  11. I took my kids to see it, and I believe you're speaking of "Ooh, ooh, Child" by The Five Stairsteps. I think that's it. I thought the same thing, what a great song.You can check my review in the "Films and Music" forum, I think I wrote it there.
  12. _jr_

    War Films

    That's Barnabas Collins, from the late 60's program, "Dark Shadows"
  13. _jr_

    War Films

    I'm at a disadvantage. I read so much about it, I'm always picking the movies apart in their accuracy. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy the damn movie. "The Longest Day", for instance...They depict the Luftwaffe strafing the beaches. It's a know fact that there were no Luftwaffe on the shores of Normandy. They were almost completely wiped out by that point.
  14. _jr_

    Ramones Raw

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I just saw a thing for the Ramones, a DVD called Raw. It said there were ,I think, 20 live performances, backstage, interviews, home movies, the whole deal. I'm not a fan, but I know there are alot of folks here who love the Ramones. It's available now.
  15. By the way, when MTV first started, even before the VJs showed up, it was just videos, no talking at all. Then they started having commercials, but with no sound. Anyone besides me remember that? Sorry for double posting.
  16. Remember this crew? All the old timers here will.
  17. My personal favorite cut is probably Baby Drives me Crazy Baby, baby baby! Baby baby b-b-b-baby B-b-b-baby! BABY! Deep.
  18. I'll tell you, Gis, I told this story in another thread. 1983, in Nuremberg I attended the very first Monsters of Rock Festival. There were two stages, and it started around 9 in the morning. The bill was (as close to in order as I can remember): Twisted Sister Meatloaf Thin Lizzy Motorhead Blue Oyster Cult Van Halen AC/DC Whitesnake I'm here to tell you....Thin Lizzy absolutely smoked them all. Phil had them from the second they took the stage. They were easily the best band that day, and I've been a fan ever since. I was truly sad when Phil died. Live and Dangerous is one of the best live albums ever. Down from the glen Came the marching men With their shields and their swords To fight the fight They believed to be right To overthrow the overlords Top notch, kick ass. And even though nobody ever mentioned it, Iron Maiden giot a lot of their style from Lizzy.
  19. When I was single, I actually had this song set on my stereo to play every morning, instead of my alarm clock going off. A masterpiece in desperation.
  20. I had a lot of rage in me, man. I don't anymore. It's alot of work, being ticked. When you don't what for. I'd go down the road At least eighty five. If I cut the wheel Would I survive? I had alot of rage in me, man. I don't anymore.
  21. Skynyrd ~ Mr. Banker, The Ballad of Curtis Loew (sp?) , Four Walls of Railford. Great cuts.
  22. Skynyrd ~ Mr. Banker, The Ballad of Curtis Loew (sp?) Two great cuts.
  23. Ever since I've known the song, I got this lyric wrong, until one day, riding in the truck, I just heard it differently, for whatever reason. The middle of "I'm Not in Love", by 10cc, there's a woman whispering. I always thought she was saying "Requesting quiet, requesting quiet" when in reality, she was aying "Big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry" Strange that after 20 years of hearing it one way, one day I heard it another.
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