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How to convert music from DVD to .mp3


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^ no, sorry vixy.net is a tool to convert flash videos (like the ones on youtube or most other online video sites), it wouldn't work with a DVD

johnny, there are a couple of DVD to mp3 rippers/converters, but I never tried one so I can't really give any qualified tipps... just google would be my best guess... :crazy: :)

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I've done it two ways. You'll need a an audio editing/recording program for both, though. I use Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, which are fairly fancy - you might be able to do it in the Windows Recorded program, but I've never tried.

1. Hook the audio outputs to a mixer that is hooked to your computer. Actually, if you have the right adapters you should be able to hook the outputs of the DVD player straight into your computer's audio card. Start recording. When it's done, divide the huge audio file into individual tracks, save/export them as mp3s, and then burn them or load them on an iPod.

2. In Cubase & Nuendo (possibly others), there is a "Remove Audio From Video" function. You open a new track, load the video, and select that function. Then split them, burn, etc.

Hope this helps. :)

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