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I Wanna Rock!


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I was excited about Velvet Revolver and bought their CD, but it's just OK. I think my expectations were too high.

I felt the same way after listening to the entire album, it sounds more like a hard core STP with a whined down voice, and the GnR influences are weak & disregarded. I like the songs Spectacle & Headspace though.

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the truth we havta face is all the rock that matters is old and if your looking for true rock get out those old greatest hits cds! i think that the new "guns and roses greatest hits" is pretty good, try that, it depends wat type of rock your into?





or just rock! :rockon:



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Highly recommended are Muse. They have had three albums out: "Showbiz", "Origin Of Symmetry" and "Absolution" (plus also the double, "Hullabloo", but that was a collection of B-side and a live album). They are all really great albums - Some hard hitting rock, interspersed with some spine-tingling melodies. They are my favourite band of the decade (so they therefore join:

The Beatles - 60s

Sex Pistols - 70s

Stone Roses - 80s

Radiohead - 90s

so you can see where I'm coming from).

I was also extremely impressed with Wilco's "Yanke Hotel Foxtrot" once it grew on me. I haven't heard their new one yet. I will be buying that on Tuesday, but it got good reviews over here in little England. I also quite like what I've heard from NZ band The Datsuns.

Hope that helps. [However, if you like Guns 'n' Roses, it won't!]


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