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Meeting Musicians


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#1-Jimi Hendrix

#2-Syd Barrett(man this guy would be cool to meet. uh before, he went insane)


#4-Eddie Van Halen(if he brought his guitar so i could see some of those riffs)

#5-Noel Redding or Mitch Mitchell- I have wondered for a while what it was like being in the shadow of Jimi Hendrix, as the fans see it

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Artists I have actually met (and chatted to):

1. Lulu [at her Abbey Road Christmas Party in 1969] - she was really sweet

2. John something-or-other [from Mungo Jerry] [1973] - he used to bank with the Bank I used to work for. He left his car keys behind and I had to go chasing after him.

3. Steve Craddock [from Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller's backing band] [1995] - I was wearing a Beatles' T-shirt and Steve asked me if I liked The Beatles....derr . This was in a lift in a hotel in Madrid.

4. Dave Rowntree [drummer with Blur] [1996] - I was watching the (football) World Cup qualifying game England v. Italy in the back bar of an Irish Bar in Madrid. 3/4 of Blur turned up and, after standing next to each other at the urinals (during a toilet break), Dave came and sat next to me. We ended up chatting about the game (which Italy were winning!) and their promtional visit to Madrid. Nice guy.

5. Emma and Geoff [from Fascia - a little local band here [1998]...I know, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel..] - Their mother was giving me a Reiki session and I got to meet this brother and sister from the band and got a pre-release copy of their first CD "Distant Echo"].

IMPRESSED? OK....Nor me...However, I would like to say that each one I've met has been a really nice person. And they were all alive at the time as well.

Dead People that I would love to have met...[in order]

1. George Harrison :guitar:

2. John Lennon :guitar:

3. Brian Jones :guitar:

4. Jimi Hendrix :guitar:

5. John Bonham :drummer:

[i think they would make a pretty interesting band!]

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