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Quiz July 2007

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Al from Baltimore, MD is this month's quiz winner and will receive a clean and comfortable

SongFacts t-shirt, compliments of our webmaster, Carl. :coolio:

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1. What U.S. #1 hit from the '90s has the word "purple" in the lyrics?

"Unbelievable" by EMF

"Your purple prose just gives you away."

(You'd be surprised at the # of entrants that answered "Purple Rain". Not only was this song a hit from the 80s, not the 90's, but it only reached #2 on the U.S. Billboard charts).

2. What male singer had the most songs in the U.S. Top 10 from 1964 thru 1974?

Stevie Wonder with sixteen U.S. Top-10 hits.

3. Besides Ace Of Base, what Swedish group had a U.K. and U.S. hit in 1996?

The Cardigans with "Lovefool"

4. What currently popular female singer had a serious addiction to crystal meth?

Fergie from Black Eyed Peas

5. What Rock group had their first "big hit" with a song originally recorded by a Motown group a year earlier?

The Young Rascals - "Good Lovin'"

("Good Lovin'" reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1966 for The Young Rascals and was released by The Olympics in 1965.

6. What '80s group was named after a Star Trek character?


7. What famous singer of the '60s and '70s was born Ellen Cohen?

Mama Cass Elliot

8. What group with several Top-10 hits had their drummer's first and last name in their band name?

The Dave Clark 5

Gary Lewis And The Playboys

9. What Pop singer of the '80s is now a popular gardening expert?

Kim Wilde

10. What was the first Disco song to hit #1 in the U.S.?

"Love's Theme" by Love Unlimited Orchestra

This instrumental song peaked at #1 in early 1974.

"Rock The Boat" by The Hues Corporation was next when it peaked at #1 in mid-1974.

Congratulations to Al and thanks to everyone who entered this month's quiz. :thumbsup:

Check out our main page and click on the quiz link to take the new quiz.

SongFacts :headphones:

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I guess I ended up with 9 out of 10 and I'd like to hear why my answer for #5 is incorrect. I answered Dave Clark Five.

This is from their bio: "Their first release was "Mulberry Bush" (a rock version of the nursery rhyme) which made no impact, but their second, a cover of The Contours' "Do You Love Me" did make the lower reaches of the charts in the autumn of 1963."

And this is from a Contours bio: "In early 1962, Gordy had The Contours record "Do You Love Me", a composition originally meant for The Temptations. The resulting record, with its shouted lead vocals from Billy Gordon, became a number-two hit in1962."

I even included the relevant info with my answer. Why was this wrong?

And thanks again, as I've said before, I enjoy this quiz, but I keep having answers that seem correct ruled as incorrect.

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Dave Clark Five's first big hit was "Glad All Over", which reached #6 in the U.S. in 1964 and #1 in the UK in 1963.

"Do You Love Me" was their first Top-40 hit in 1963 by reaching #30 in the UK, but #30 would only count as a minor hit, not a big hit as the question asks.

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Hi Stephen,

Your answer for question #5 was The Young Rascals, which is a correct answer.

My apologies to you for missing that.

This makes you a 10/10 entrant. :thumbsup:

I have added your name to my initial post above.

Note: This does not change the winner for this month's quiz as Al was still the closest on the tie-breaking answer.

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Haha. Yay. It comes back to me now. I was pretty confident with my answers last month, and now justifiably so. :cool:

Given it was my 2nd time answering the quiz I really had no idea about the tiebreak question but hopefully I'll be closer this time round.

Thanks for running this quiz, and being so very accountable and accurate with our answers :thumbsup:

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