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Okay, I was trying to think of a post that's original and not so over exposed, but would stir up a good discussion, so here it is...

What do you find to be the best/your favorite "thing" that Clapton did, be it early stuff in the Yardbirds, or Cream, Blind Faith( yeah right ::), Derek and the Dominoes, the solo stuff, like "Slowhand" or the later stuff he did like "Tears In Heaven" and what not.

I personally like his guitar work for Cream, really top shelf, but I also liked his slower bluesier stuff in Slowhand.

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Layla, and the reason I like this song so much is because of the piano at the end. Anyone know who's playing?

It was Jim Gordon who wrote it, he co-wrote the song with Clapton. He was a drummer, but played the piano during the end of the song. Legend has it that Gordon was playing a piano piece & Clapton overheard it, and asked if that bit could be used, they worked over night on a song, which wounded up being "Layla". He's done countless uncredited background music for Clapton, Harrison, & others, and is a very talented versatile musician. He's been diagnosed for schizophrenia treatment, and currently serving a prison sentence for murdering his mother.

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i can't really decide which part of Clapton's career i like the most.

His songs with Cream, like "White Room" and "Sunshine of Your Love" are awesome. "Layla" from Derek and the Dominos is my favorite Clapton song. He also has a lot of really good songs from his solo career, like "Pretending", "She's Waiting", "Forever Man", and "Layla Unplugged" to name a few.

i saw Clapton in concert in June, and he makes it look so easy. :guitar:

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