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Wishes for E. Europe !


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But , edna ( though the semantics may drive the US State Department /CIA / Pentagaon /NSA /D.ofH.Sec/FBI etc. insane )... aren't we all comrades ? :)

I mean , afterall , didn't Comrade Bain play Gary Coleman's dad in the hit sit-com " Different Strokes " ?!

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"There were places I remember

though under, Stalin , some were changed,

Some forever like old Stalingrad , now called Volgograd - but some remain ,

But I know I'll never lose affection...

for St. Petersburg ... or the Ukraine... " TM

:laughing: :doh: Forgive me -I am getting carried away , now ! Merry Eastern Orthadox Christmas ( Xmas ) to you all !

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