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Eskimo Joe is an Aussie rock band that everyone is going nuts for over here. They've been around for about ten years but have changed their musical direction recently and their new album 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' is good stuff.


Video for Sarah

Video for Black Fingernails, Red Wine

'London Bombs' is also another good song from the album.

Eskimo Joe's Myspace

They are headlining Big Day Out 2007 with The Killers, Muse, Jet and The Sleepy Jackson.

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How DARE you not mention that they are from Fremantle, about 8 kilometres from where I live. :P

They formed in 1997, to be exact.

"From The Sea" is still pretty popular on our side of the country, and it is my favourite song of theirs.

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They were! :D They said they couldn't believe this was the same band who put out 'Wake Up'

Funny you say that - I just wiki-ed the song to see if they named the instrument that forms the hook (which to my mind is a shehnai, you hear it at Indian weddings and snake charmers use it) - as it said:

"The lyrics were borne from a poignant day in New York when an emotionally drained Temperley stepped out for a walk.

It had just started snowing. It was a magical moment. That night we had to do this Australia gig, and when we got to it we found out that Heath Ledger had died. He'd died two blocks from where I was walking and at the time I was walking and it started snowing. He was from Perth and we were in New York, this big foreign city, and I felt this immense loneliness of this kid from my hometown dying by himself there."

I didn't know that :(

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