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Battle Of Los Angles - Rage Against The Machine


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I listened to this album after Dylan's Freewheelin'. The contrast was night and day musically. One acoustic guitar chording and his trademark vocals, compared to Heavy Single Note Riffs and rap. But it was refreshing. And although RAGE is much more graphic and violent, I thought "These are two artists (Dylan and Zack de la Rocha) have essentially the same ideas. They sing protest songs, Rage goes into detail politically, and Dylan doesn't but both their points get across. Their metaphors are beautifully crafted, and really punch their points. Two albums that I love, released 30 years apart, but that still hold the same concepts. One for the relaxed side of my soul, and one for the angry, wide awake side.

It starts off with A heavy song Testify with intense lyrics about the media blowing things out of proportion and getting things wrong and proclaiming it to the world. Then goes onto the hit of the album Guerilla radio with fantastic instrumental performances, and an inspired rap about the 2000 election. talks about Gore and Bush.

As the album goes on I hear the viciousness and passion in de la Rocha's voice in songs like Born as Ghosts, and Calm Like A Bomb.

The band is very politically aware, and to fully understand what they are talking about you need to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject. But what impresses me, is that even before understanding it fully (With the help of Songfacts :P) I can feel what he's talking about and agree with him.

On top of all of these radical lyrics and opinions is also a great hard rock record.

Tom Morello never ceases to amaze me. One of the top and most influential guitarists of late, he goes places with the riffs I would certainly never think of going in that type of riff, but it leaves me going wow. I know that if ever I am in the mood for something to get my anger out, or just to rock out to, this is my #1 album.

Hard Rock at it's finest.

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