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TOOL / A Perfect Circle


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Does anybody else like them? I've been listening to them for 10 years now, they're one of my favorite bands from the 90's. Keenan can put a perception with his dark lyrics & in-depth vocals like no other I've heard.

What are your favorite tracks?

In No Order:

Part of Me


Prison Sex







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Well, I have made it NO secret that TOOL is my favorite band. (hence the screen name) ::

My favorite songs...uuuhhh...well:

OPIATE: Sweat,Part of Me, Opiate

UNDERTOW: 4 degrees, Undertow, Bottom

AENEMA: Eulogy, H, Third Eye, Hooker with a Penis

LATERALUS: The Grudge, Reflection, The Patient, Parabola


A Perfect Circle is amazing! Favorite songs:

The Noose




3 Libras

I sort of mixed my favorite songs from BOTH albums. Oh well.

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Is it just me or are TOOL videos seriously arbit...i haven't managed to find the connection between the SCHISM video and the lyrics ..anyone with an explanation?

APC rocks!Thanks to Maynard, they sound pretty much like TOOL, only more melodious...

Mer De Noms is a brilliant album- it's tough to choose one 'favorite' song..

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Tool's my favorite band ever, and APC's up there on the list too. I disagree with TwistedNerve, I really don't think APC sounds like Tool. The only thing that they have in common is Maynard.

Unfortunately I've only seen Tool twice and APC once, but my god, those were the best 3 nights of my life. I love the contrast in how Maynard acts onstage with Tool and how he acts with APC. He's so talkative with APC! I love it!

Anyway... favorite songs? How can I choose? Neither band has put out a song that I don't love.

For Tool:

Cold and Ugly


4 Degrees



Forty-Six & 2



The Patient



for APC:

3 Libras



The Noose



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Stinkfist is really the only TOOL song I enjoy, the Nurse, Judith (NIN remix), The Noose and Weak & Powerless I like from APC. I saw them live in London and they weren't too bad, Maynard has stage presence.

Has anyone noticed the new banner ads next to the header? When did these appear?

Carl and co. made a post in the announcements section about the ads. They're there so we can keep on groovin' :headphones:

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Hrmm.. thanks for the info & link to the site MotoRacer, :thumbsup: this page you posted has some direct info from MJK, which is what I was looking for, not the news that reporters make up, like they do on some of those fake unnofficial sites.

If they're comin' to town in August, I better hurry & get my tickets in advance! This show is sure to rock & not fail, like all their imatators do. :rockon:

:rockon: Currently listening to "Judith" trance remix :headphones:

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